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Carrie Underwood Honors Randy Travis With ‘I Told You So’ Performance at the Grand Ole Opry

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for ACM)

The Grand Ole Opry, where legends are made and celebrated. Carrie Underwood honored one of country music‘s greats in Randy Travis recently. She took the stage and put on a stunning rendition of “I Told You So.” The song was a hit for Travis and in 2014, a version came out that featured Underwood on it as well.

The point is, that this song is special to both artists. Originally released in 1987, the song was featured on Always & Forever. His sophomore studio album effort, just like the rest of his first five albums, reached No. 1 on the Country Music charts. This album in particular made it into the top-20 on the all genres chart.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Travis helped welcome Carrie Underwood when she was made a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Listen to the song below and try not to get chills during this performance.

The singer-songwriter can take on any song that she puts her mind to. And, of course, she’s already recorded a version of “I Told You So” for her 2007 album Carnival Ride. The song is one of those just about perfect country music songs. The pain, emotion, and loneliness that you get from the song’s story and lyrics are powerful.

If you pull a song from Randy Travis’ catalog and it was released in the 1980s, chances are it is a top-tier song. And when Carrie Underwood decides to do a tribute, we’ve gotta listen. Especially for Randy Travis.

So, here’s the real question, Outsiders. You can only go to one: Carrie Underwood at the Grand Ole Opry, or seeing her at CMA Fest? I’m gonna have to go with the Opry, just because I’ve never been.

Carrie Underwood Is at The Top of Country Music

Who has a new album, just finished a Las Vegas residency, put out a Grammy-winning gospel album, and is ready to saddle up go on tour, and basically do it all over again? That’s Carrie Underwood? That’s what I thought. There’s little that the former American Idol winner can’t and hasn’t done at this point.

Her latest sell-out crowd at CMA Fest was another example of the dominance that the singer-songwriter has in the country music world. Her blend of pop, country and even rock on her latest Denim & Rhinestones album has fans energized like they haven’t been for a while.

With the world seemingly at her fingertips, the country music superstar isn’t slowing down any time soon. Carrie Underwood is at the mountain peak and she’s starting to look for new, greater heights. No one knows what might be next for her, but whatever it is, you know that it’s going to be big.