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Dolly Parton Makes Extremely Generous Donation for Pediatric Disease Research

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for ACM)

Dolly Parton has done it again; by it, I mean given an exorbitant amount of money to support medical research. Recently, the country music legend donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for pediatric infectious disease research.

Per a press release from VUMC, the money will aid researchers in “understanding how viruses and bacteria cause disease, understanding and preventing resistance to antibiotics, preventing and treating infections, diagnosing and treating infections in children with cancer, and research to define the impact of childhood infections throughout the world.”

Of her choice to give such a large amount, Dolly Parton–whose book “Run, Rose, Run” is set to become a movie soon–commented, “I love all children. No child should ever have to suffer; I’m willing to do my part to try and keep as many of them as I can as healthy and safe as possible,” according to Taste of Country.

Director of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Mark Denison, MD, also shared his thoughts; the department was “deeply honored by Dolly’s contribution to our research mission.”

He continued, “For over 40 years our division has been a national and international leader in studies for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of life-threatening infections, and this gift will accelerate our work and support new ideas.”

Dolly Parton clearly has a big heart, and regularly gives freely to charities, organizations, and to medical research. There’s not a mean bone in that woman’s body, I’ll bet. I could sing Dolly Parton’s praises for the rest of my life, and they still wouldn’t do her justice. So, here’s to Dolly Parton, and her incredible dedication to doing good in this crazy world.

Dolly Parton Previously Donated to COVID-19 Research and Vaccine Development

In 2020, Dolly Parton donated another $1 million to VUMC in honor of her friend Naji Abumrad, MD. Her donation aided COVID-19 research and vaccine development, and directly influenced the creation of the Moderna vaccine. It also earned her the CMA Humanitarian Award.

Of the donation, Parton wrote on Instagram, “My longtime friend Dr. Naji Abumrad, who’s been involved in research at Vanderbilt for many years, informed me that they were making some exciting advancements towards that research of the coronavirus for a cure. I am making a donation of $1 million to Vanderbilt towards that research and to encourage people that can afford it to make donations.”

When asked about it on the Today Show, she replied, “I’m just happy that anything I do can help somebody else. When I donated the money to the COVID fund, I just wanted it to do good. And evidently, it is. Let’s hope we find a cure real soon.”

Although we haven’t found a cure yet, Parton’s donation in 2020 led to one of a handful of effective vaccines. They are now definitely slowing the spread of COVID-19. “What Would Dolly Do” you ask? Donate her wealth and wear a mask, for sure.