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Justin Moore Joins Heath Sanders on New Song ‘Raised on Red’

(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

These days, it seems like many of our favorite country artists are releasing new songs and albums left and right. That said, we are absolutely here for it. Now, Justin Moore hasn’t shared any new details regarding a new song or upcoming projects of his own. But, the star has joined Heath Sanders for a sweet brand new anthem called “Raised On Red.” Check it out below.

Country music has an affinity for tributing colors, from Joe Diffie and “John Deere Green” and Chris Young with “Neon,” to Dustin Lynch’s “Seein’ Red.”

Now though, the primary color is again seeing a shoutout. And this time, it’s a boot-stompin’, chest-thumpin’ kind of narrative this Outsider can definitely get behind.

From red sunsets to red clay and the red, white, and blue, the color plays a dynamic part in both Justin Moore and Heath Sanders’ new song, and the country music genre.

As always, the first verse of the song sets up the scene and the tribute to “red.” From there, the chorus initiates that sort of blue-collar pride we always seem to find embedded in the genre:

“Red, red on the back of my neck/Red clay stains on my Chevrolet/caked on these boots/to the pack of Redman that my papaw chewed/That red, the red that runs through my blood/It’s something I’m damn proud of/And man I love that I was raised on red.”

If you’re a fan of Justin Moore and blue-collar anthems, then you’ll definitely fall in love with this little piece.

Justin Moore Continues Work On a New Album

Justin Moore released his hit single “With a Woman You Love” just last fall, but already the country artist has a new project in mind. Ahead of the holiday season last year, the “Bait a Hook” singer sat down with Outsider to share details regarding his upcoming album. See what he had to say on the topic below.

Fortunately, as it’s already been several months since we caught up with the country singer, Justin Moore fans shouldn’t have too long to wait before their favorite artist drops a new album. In speaking on the subject, Moore said, “We’re really close to being finished with the entire project. We’ve got a little work to do in the studio, but really, really excited about it.”

Just last month, Justin Moore’s followers found him hanging out in the studio, sharing an update on the latest project with, “Y’all know what this means.”

Ironically, wearing a bright red hoodie and ballcap, we found the country star recording what we can only assume is new music or a new song for the upcoming album.

Moore further teased, “Got to do a duet, too. Very excited about it. It’s been a little while since I’ve done a duet, so that’s cool as well.”

Altogether, he concluded, “I really believe that the new album has some of the best writing I’ve done, and I wrote with some great songwriters.”