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Keith Urban Compares Taylor Swift’s New ‘Midnights’ Album to an ‘Acid Trip’

(Photo by Chris Polk/ACMA2013/Getty Images for ACM)

One week after the release of Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated album, Midnights, Keith Urban is sharing his thoughts about the new record. 

While speaking to Billboard, Keith Urban gushed about Taylor Swift and the album. “The lyricism, the fresh meters as far as some of the cadences she sang. Jack Antonoff’s production is just exquisite for a guy like me, who is obsessive over fine, fine details. If you put headphones on, as an audiophile like I am, I can swim in that album with no vocals on it.”

Urban also described Swift’s album as being on some kind of acid trip. “It’s just so beautifully put together like some kind of acid trip, Jackson Pollock painting. It’s just beautiful. Absolutely love it, top to bottom. I think it’s one of her best albums ever.”

Swift previously stated that the album consists of the stories of “13 sleepless nights scattered throughout her life” and Keith Urban is just loving it. “The perfect example of why you make an album,” he declared. 

Urban and Swift have collaborated on numerous music projects over the years. He played guitar on Tim McGraw and Swift’s hit duet Highway Don’t Care. Urban also worked on Swift’s re-recorded 2008 Fearless album last year. Urban went on to add that he has reached out to Swit and Antonoff to share his thoughts about the album personally. Although Antonoff has responded, Urban hasn’t heard back from Swift yet. “I think she’s a little busy,” Urban added, laughing. 

Keith Urban Previously Stated He Knew That Taylor Swift Would Be a Huge Star When She Was His Opening Act 

In April 2021, Keith Urban opened up about having Taylor Swift as his opening act prior to her rise in the music charts. He claimed he knew she would end up being a star even before she made headlines. 

“She was a blast on the road,” Urban recalled to Entertainment Tonight. “People have asked me, ‘Could you sense that she was going to be who she became?’ And I was like, ‘I think everybody knew that.’ You could see it clearly. She was playing way past where she was. She was way into the future. You could tell.” 

Urban and Swift have stayed in contact over the years. She asked him to perform That’s When and We Were Happy for her re-recorded Fearless album. Urban said he first heard Swift’s then-unreleased tracks while out shopping for Christmas. “I get a text from Taylor. So I go over to the food court and I’m sitting in the food court and she’s like, ‘I’ve got a couple of songs that I want you to sing. Do you want to hear them?’ And I’m like, ‘Sure.’”