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Mitchell Tenpenny Breaks Massive Record With Newest Chart-Topper ‘Truth About You’

Danielle Del Valle / Stringer / Getty

Mitchell Tenpenny is celebrating his recent history-making trip to the top of the country music charts with his current single, “Truth About You.”

The tune marks the shortest span between No. 1 songs in the modern chart era with three weeks since Tenpenny’s last chart-topper. Previously, Tenpenny’s collaboration with fellow Columbia Nashville star Chris Young, “At the End of a Bar,” reached number 1 on August 22nd.

“It takes a huge team and support to bring a song to #1,” Tenpenny said in a statement. “I’m so thankful to everyone, including the fans, who believed this song was special and helped bring it to the top of the charts. And to have this #1 just three weeks after being part of my last one is unbelievable. Thank you country radio. You’ll never know how much this means to me. I’m just overwhelmed with thankfulness.”

Tenpenny wrote “Truth About You” along with acclaimed writers Matt Alderman and Thomas Archer. They worked together to craft a song about a relatable story of an ex-lover causing trouble after a breakup. The ruthless lyrics showcase Tenpenny’s new attitude.

“Yeah, there’s two sides to every breakup | One’s a lie and one’s the truth | One of ’em went down and one was made up | But in the end we both lose | Why can’t we meet in the middle | Call it even, call a truce | If you quit telling lies about me | I won’t tell the truth about you,” utters Tenpenny. “Like how you picked a fight| Every time you saw me get a text | To make yourself feel better | That you still talk to your ex | Yeah, you told your friends, you told your mama| That I’m the root of all the drama | But we both know why this ended | Girl, I caught you red-handed.” 

Mitchell Tenpenny Hypes His New Album

“Truth About You” is part of Mitchell Tenpenny’s new album, This is the Heavy. His second album is due on September 16th and comes packed with 20 new songs. Tenpenny spoke to Taste of Country ahead of the release and said the new music will be heavier than anything he released in the past.

“Production-wise, we made the drums a little heavier, we made the whole mix just a little heavier and that’s why I called it This Is the Heavy,” Tenpenny said. “The production, the lyrics … I’m telling you serious things and we’re trying to beef it up a little bit. So it’s a little bit more rock, sticking with what I do, the country lyrics that I love to write.”

Tenpenny also said the album is a “trip down memory lane” as the songs were majorly inspired by his early days playing in rock bands.

“It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long long time and it’s my second record. It’s got a little bit of everything for everyone on it… It felt right to me. it’s been almost three years since my first record, and we’ve written a lot of songs since then and lived a lot of life,” Tenpenny said. “I tried to stay as current and productive as you could during that time and I was just like, ‘Man, 11 songs just ain’t gonna justify the second record for me.'”