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PHOTOS: Young Fan Writes Adorable Letter To Zach Bryan for Veteran’s Day

(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Zach Bryan’s connection with his fans is an anomaly even in the country music world. He knows that they are the reason that he’s able to live the life he lives. As a result, he’s quick to show his appreciation for them on social media. Sometimes, that comes in the form of releasing songs because fans ask nicely. Other times, he offers to pay his fans’ expenses to help get them to a show. Most recently, he saw a letter written by a young fan to thank him for his military service and replied to it on Twitter.

Yesterday, Zach Bryan found a post containing a letter written by a very young fan wishing him a happy Veterans Day. The original poster said that they found the letter on a Facebook fan page. The tweet contains screenshots of the Facebook post and hopes that Zach would see it. He did.

“I see it,” Zach Bryan wrote in his retweet. “Can someone thank this small child for me and please tell him I’m thankful he wrote this?”

Zach Bryan Receives a Sweet Message from a Young Fan

Originally, a proud mother posted the letter to a Zach Bryan Facebook group. “We found this in our daughter’s backpack this morning. She hopes Zach will see it someday. I wanted to share so hopefully one day he will,” she wrote in the post’s caption.

The images show an elementary school handout that prompts the kiddos to write a letter thanking a veteran. Young Josslyn wrote, “Thank you, Zach Bryan. Happy Veterans Day. Were you in the Army/Air Force/Navy/Marine Corps/Coast Guard? Thank you for being a famous singer. People love your songs. I heard you live in Oklahoma. Hope you have a good day,” in the letter. “I hope you get this someday,” she added in a P.S.

Sure, Zach Bryan got the gender of the young fan wrong, but his gratitude was obviously genuine. I think we can all agree that that is what is important here.

It’s easy to forget that Zach Bryan served eight years in the United States Navy. In fact, when he self-released his first two albums, he was still enlisted. Last year, Zach received an honorable discharge and used his newfound freedom to throw himself completely into his music career. As a result, fans across the nation finally got to see him on tour. Additionally, he released the record-breaking album American Heartbreak.

When he received his discharge, Zach Bryan took to social media to reflect on his service and talked about how much his service helped to shape him into the man he is today. Zach also added that he had mixed feeling about leaving. He said, “If it was my decision, I would never get out of the world’s greatest Navy. But, here I am and they kindly honorably discharged me to go play some music.”