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The Chicks Plan to Promote Social Causes on Upcoming Tour: ‘It’s a Natural Extension of Who We Are’

(Photo by KMazur/WireImage via Getty Images)

If you’ve been waiting five long years to see The Chicks on tour, your chance is coming soon. Their 2022 tour kicks off on June 14th at St. Louis, Missouri’s Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre. However, the band will be bringing more than their long line of hit songs to the masses this summer. They plan to speak out on some social causes that are important to them as well.

Fans of The Chicks know that this tour won’t be the first time they have used their platform to speak out on social issues. Back in 2003, The Chicks became early victims of what we now know as “cancel culture” for speaking out against the war in Iraq and then-president George W. Bush. After a rather tame statement, country radio refused to play their music. However, their fans never backed away and their sales certainly didn’t dry up. More importantly, the band didn’t let the backlash keep them silent.

In a recent interview with People, The Chicks discussed how they would remain socially conscious on their upcoming summer tour.

Social and Environmental Issues are at the Heart of The Chicks’ Tour

The Chicks are teaming up with Reverb.org for their upcoming tour. Reverb is a nonprofit organization that strives to make concerts more environmentally friendly. The nonprofit’s website states, “We create and execute comprehensive programs to reduce concert and tour footprints from eliminating single-use water bottles to coordinating local farm food to fueling sustainable biodiesel in tour busses to composting and donating food waste and much more.”

As a result, the Chicks’ upcoming tour is built on a foundation of social and environmental consciousness as well as the band’s massive catalog of hits.

About promoting social causes on the road, Emily Strayer said, “It’s a natural extension of who we are and what we care about and it seems to make sense at our show with our fans, that they would want to see that aspect of us.”

Natalie Maines said that The Chicks will strike a balance on their upcoming tour. “I’m very outspoken and opinionated, to begin with, but I think there is a responsibility there. We don’t like to get up on a soapbox or preach, but we’re not going to hold back.”

The Chicks Will Also Bring Good Times

Don’t think that The Chicks’ summer tour will be a somber affair throughout. Sure, they’ll have their serious moments, but they also plan to have a blast on the road. About this, Martie Maguire said, “Something that’s never changed is just, we have so much fun. We’re silly, and we’re just very natural and us on stage. We naturally have fun together and have a friendship. That’s always been there and you see that in the shows.”