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WATCH: Whiskey Myers Makes Red Rocks Debut in Front of Sold-Out Crowd

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

Red Rocks. There’s no other place like it, and Whiskey Myers finally made their debut at the historic music venue. They had 9,500 fans singing along to their songs in the sold-out amphitheater. Whiskey Myers is a band that connects with so many from the South to the West.

The band has wanted to play at the venue for a long time. These are one of those moments where dreams come true, and you can tell that Whiskey Myers was soaking in every moment. They had some damn good outfits, too.

Check out the band’s recap on their Twitter page below, complete with pictures.

It was a night that included some great performances as well. How about stunning renditions of “Broken Window Serenade” as well as “Ballad of a Southern Man” along with 9,500 voices singing in a choir from the crowd? Because that’s exactly what went down. Whiskey Myers loved the support.

That wasn’t the end of the highlights, either. It was a massive night for the band and they took the moment to enjoy every part of it. And also give their fans a show that they will remember for the rest of their lives. With Red Rocks now firmly in their resume, what is next for the band?

Whiskey Myers Plays Unreleased Song at Red Rocks

Now, this one is going to feel a little like a tease for longtime Whiskey Myers fans. If there is one song that fans would like to see come out more than any other, it is “The Wolf”. The band has played it at a number of shows over the last year or so. Of course, they played the song for the fans at Red Rocks and it was amazing.

When midnight strikes tonight, and Thursday turns into Friday, Whiskey Myers is FINALLY going to drop this song. At least, that’s what fans are expecting after a cryptic tweet from the band earlier today. While it isn’t confirmed, we’ll take all of the wolf emojis the band sent to fans in the replies as a big hint.

So, Outsiders, what are you thinking right now? If you’re trying to catch the song at midnight, you might want to fire up the coffee and snacks now, because it could be a long night for some of you. However, we’ll be waiting patiently to hear this song, finally, in a recorded version.

Whiskey Myers has shown time and again that they have found their audience, and continue to grow it. The Red Rocks show was just as much an accomplishment for the fanbase in some ways. Especially those that have been following along for more than a decade. It’s a big moment, and releasing “The Wolf” in the same week is just a cherry on top.