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Zach Bryan Opens Up About His Career and Constant Songwriting

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As far as country music goes, Zach Bryan is currently sitting on top of the world. His recently-released album American Heartbreak is drawing praise from fans and critics alike. Additionally, the album broke single-day streaming records on both Apple Music and Spotify. Not long after releasing the album, he announced his massive American Heartbreak Tour. While the Oologah, Oklahoma native is excited to see his fans on the road, he said that this might be his final tour.

Many fans believe that it is a little early for Zach Bryan to flirt with the idea of a farewell tour. At this point, he has built the kind of momentum and connection with his fans that would allow him to sell out shows for years to come. However, in a recent episode of Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen, Bryan revealed that he never meant to be a star.

Zach Bryan Didn’t Meat to Build a Music Career

Zach Bryan’s big break came when a video of him playing “Headed South” went viral. One of his Navy buddies shot the video on their phone while they were hanging out behind the barracks on post in Washington. That video perfectly encapsulated Bryan’s songwriting as well as his raw, stripped-down sound. The popularity of that video led to two self-released albums – 2019’s DeAnn and 2020’s Elisabeth. Those albums and the deep connection he shares with his fans at his shows and on social media helped to build the momentum for his studio debut American Heartbreak. However, this was never in the young star’s plan.

The video that started it all

He’s Just a Guy Trying His Best to Get Through Life

In fact, Zach Bryan told Kelleigh Bannen that he never meant to build a music career. “I just kind of was making music with my buddies in the Navy barracks at one point. Then, I released two albums and then everyone resonated with the songs, and then everyone went kind of crazy for them.”

About his unintentional fame, Bryan said, “I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I don’t really deserve any of it, but it’s been an absolute blast.” For now, Zach Bryan says he’s “just a guy like everyone else, trying my best to get through life,” and he’s thankful for all the fans who decided to take the journey with him.

Zach Bryan Is Always Writing

Many listeners, myself included, found it shocking that American Heartbreak contained 34 tracks with no filler songs. During the interview, Bryan revealed why he had that many killer songs on deck when it came time to record the album.

“I wanted to be a writer,” he explained. Zach revealed that he writes every morning when he wakes up and every night before he turns in. “I write because it’s just like how I deal with life,” he said. “Just like people watch sports, just like people go golf, it’s just something that comes naturally to me.”

The rising star also said that it took him years to learn to write a good song. “I’d say the first 100 songs were terrible because I was just trying to figure out how to make poems and things that I’ve written into work that people could connect with through melodies.”

While many of the songs on American Heartbreak didn’t come from his life, Zach Bryan said that the best songs come from living life. “I believe the best songs are written after the best living is done… You just have to live and then write afterward.”