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Country Throwback: Alan Jackson Brings Wife and Daughters on Stage to Sing ‘Let It Be Christmas’

(Photo by: Jamie McCarthy/ Staff. Getty Images)

This year has been full of great Christmas specials. Carrie Underwood and Dolly Parton have been delivering a ton of holiday cheer. Back in 2002, Alan Jackson was doing the same. He hosted a special called “Alan Jackson: Let It Be Christmas,” on CMT. It featured songs from Jackson’s Christmas album of the same name as well as appearances and anecdotes from his family.

The album “Let It Be Christmas.” features several classic Christmas songs. The only original song is the title track. The track fits well with the classic songs though. It is all about spreading the joy and love of the season around the world. Jackson’s performance of this song during the special embodies the spirit of the season as well as the importance of family.

Alan Jackson’s Performance of “Let It Be Christmas” with Wife and Daughters

The first half of the performance sees Alan Jackson performing the song center stage. About halfway through the song, his wife and three daughters join him on stage. His mustache and microphone barely hide the smile on Jackson’s face as he is surrounded by his family. The Jackson family sings in unison as they work up to the final moments of the song.

While moving into the last chorus of the song, the Jackson family is joined by two choirs. According to CMT, they are the Belmont University Choir and the W.O. Smith Children’s Choir. At this point, the stage is full of performers of various ages and ethnicities. It helps to drive home the message of togetherness in the song.

More About the Song “Let It Be Christmas”

According to CMT, Alan Jackson didn’t initially plan on writing a song for his Christmas album. Originally, he planned to record an album of Christmas classics. One night while on the road, he wrote the song but wasn’t sure if it would work with the rest of the tunes he had picked out. He went home and played the song for his wife and she loved it. With her stamp of approval, he decided to add the song to the album. It became the title of not only the album but also his CMT special.

Alan Jackson released his Christmas album in 2002. However, the lyrics to his original song are timeless. Not only that, the last half of the chorus hits a little harder this year, “Let it be Christmas everywhere/ Let heavenly music fill the air/ Let anger and fear disappear/ Let there be love that lasts through the year/ And let it be Christmas/ Christmas everywhere.”

Whatever you celebrate, wherever you are, and whoever you’re with, we hope it’s as happy as Alan Jackson was in this video.