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Country Throwback: Andy Griffith Stars in Brad Paisley ‘Waitin’ On A Woman’ Music Video

(Mark Levine via Getty Images) BRAD PAISLEY

Back in 2009, in some of the prime years of his career, Brad Paisley brought in Andy Griffith to appear no the “Waitin’ on a Woman” song and music video. The hit song had a fairly interesting progression as Paisley recorded it three different times before making the video with the Andy Griffith Show star. When they finally made the music video, Brad Paisley and Andy Griffith teamed up for an extremely sweet and funny collaboration.

The music video starts out with Brad Paisley sitting on a bench calling his girlfriend over and over asking where she is. After several unanswered phone calls, the music kicks in, and Andy Griffith sits down next to Paisley on the park bench. The song pretty much tells the story from there, as the old man gives the youngster an important piece of advice: you will always be waiting on a woman, so get used to it.

The Journey of Brad Paisley and “Waitin’ On A Woman”

Brad Paisley’s song “Waitin’ On A Woman,” took a long time to finally get to where he wanted it. Between the years of 2004 and 2008, Paisley recorded the hit three separate times before he was satisfied with it. The song, written by Don Sampson and Wynn Varble had the same basic structure each time but continued to add minor adjustments and improvements.

At first, he recorded it for his 2005 album Time Well Wasted. This version certainly felt the most simple and straight forward with nothing more than the verses and the brief guitar solo. While the song sounded good and had all of the classic elements of a country song, Brad Paisley wasn’t ready to put it to rest.

He then re-recorded three years later for his 2007 studio album, 5th Gear. This recording of the song included about a minute long instrumental section at the end of the song that brought the story to a kind of epic climax. Brad Paisley shredded guitar alongside some other strings and keys for a lovely sounding jam. This song became his twenty-first charting single and rose to the number one spot, becoming his twelfth number-one single.

Finally, he re-recorded it once more to include in his album, Play in 2008. This version of the song added the elements of Andy Griffith’s voice over to give the song more of a storytelling element. The music video, however, didn’t come out until October 2009, almost five years after Brad Paisley first recorded it. The music video also starred Andy Griffith alongside Brad Paisley.