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Country Throwback: George Strait Sings Elvis Presley’s ‘Milk Cow Blues’ at 2017 Vegas Show

(Photo by Rich Fury/ACMA2019/Getty Images for ACM)

Musically speaking, you can find some similarities between George Strait and Elvis Presley if you look hard enough.

Despite performing in different genres, both men rose quickly to prominence once beginning their musical careers. Both George Strait and Presley were known for engaging new styles and expanding upon existing standards. Both have huge followings and a dedicated and loyal fanbase that supported them through thick and them.

The two music icons also have a song in common, with both adapting their own styles to perform the song. Though it isn’t one of either’s most famous songs, “Milk Cow Blues” is a piece known to fans of both singers.

In was legendary blues artist Kokomo Arnold that first wrote and performed Milk Cow Blues back in 1934. The song has long been considered one of Arnold’s biggest hits. The song has been covered in a variety of musical style and by a diverse set of musicians and bands. Hugely popular rock band Aerosmith did a rendition of the song for their 1977 album “Draw the Line.”

The King of Rock n Roll took his own take of the song in 1954. Elvis was only beginning his illustrious career when he put his own spin on Milk Cow Blues, that he called “Milk Cow Blues Boogie.” Still in the early phases of his career and trying to find his own sound, Presley took the song in a “rockabilly” type direction. Though a popular in its own right, the song didn’t chart for Elvis and has largely underneath underneath the King’s immense catalog of music.

George Strait Puts Own Spin on ‘Milk Cow Blues’

It didn’t go unnoticed to George Strait though. He put his own take of Milk Cow Blues on his 1991 album, “Chill of an Early Fall.” Strait’s rendition of the song went to a western vibe with a hint of the blues. Though it wouldn’t be a chart topper for Strait, the singer is known to play it at his live shows to honor the King of Rock n Roll. His 2017 performance of the song is well worth a listen.

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