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Country Throwback: Keith Urban Shows Off Yodeling Skills Covering Marty Robbins Song in 2009

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In 2009, one of the biggest country stars in the world made the music world double take. Keith Urban gives a pair of marvelous renditions of Marty Robbins’ songs.

During Urban’s cover of the song, he showcased an impressive yodeling ability that is probably still unparalleled. It is an impressive tribute to Marty Robbins.

Urban performed the song at a tribute concert to honor George Strait after he was announced as the ACM “Artist of the Decade.” Nonetheless, Urban chose to perform the timeless classic as Robbins was chosen as the artist best representing the 1960s.

Urban’s Cover of Marty Robbins’ Classics

Marty Robbins could have been one of the best country artists to live, but sadly he passed away at just 57 years old. However, before his death, he still left a massive impact on the country music world. His hit “El Paso” helps to solidify Robbins as one of the highest regarded country artists.

So, when Urban got the chance to perform at the ACM Artist of the Decade All-Star Concert, he took it very seriously. During the concert, Urban stands at the center of the stage. He begins to sing while images of Robbins’s life play on the screen behind him.

Urban sings “Singing the Blues,” which interestingly, Robbins was the first person to record. But certainly, the best moment of the entire concert comes when Urban yodels in the midst of the song. Consequently, the crowd erupts in joyous cheers as he sings. Undoubtedly, the yodel is an exceptionally fitting tribute to the late musician.

The crowd rises to its feet the second Urban begins to sing. He then flows effortlessly into “El Paso” and sings the heartbreaking lyrics. Finally, he finishes his performance with the upbeat song, “A White Sport Coat (And a Pink Carnation).”

It is certainly evident that Urban put a lot of work into perfecting these songs. It seems that he did Marty Robbins proud with his performance and that the musician would have been thrilled by it.

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