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Country Throwback: Kris Kristofferson Joined by Sheryl Crow for ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ in 2014

(Photo by KMazur/WireImage)

When you combine the amazing talents of Kris Kristofferson and Sheryl Crow, you know it’ll be a good time.

But wait. It gets better as Kristofferson and Crow’s voices combine. They perform the famous song “Me and Bobby McGee” at the Austin City Limits 40th Anniversary concert in 2014.

“It is my good fortune and honor to get to sing one of my favorite songs which Kris Kristofferson wrote,” says Crow.

Sheryl Crow Lets Her Vocals Shine with Kris Kristofferson

Crow’s country twang rings out throughout the song. During other parts, she makes her voice lighter as an airier sound escapes from her voice.

While bragging on Sheryl Crow, let’s also discuss how she easily captures the story-telling aspect behind the song. However, when she hits the chorus, she reaches high, capturing those unique moments in the song. Where the vocals are sung with raw, desperate emotion the song explores.

Crow takes on the soulful country vibe being presented by the two performers. Sheryl adding that extra spice in the perfect vocal highlights making the song an unforgettable classic. Parts of “Me and Bobby McGee” reel you into doing some foot-tapping at the very least.

Kristofferson offers background vocals and melodically joins Crow during the chorus, but he lets Sheryl shine, and she does.

The Master Songwriter Behind ‘Me and Bobby McGee’

Kristofferson’s talents as a songwriter are beyond the realm of normal thinking. He wrote this song with such vivid imagery and a phenomenal story. He jumps into a perfect rock sound as things begin getting a little bit wilder. The tempo speeds up, and all the energy is pushed out towards the end.

The story of two drifters, going this way or that, enjoying their adventure together, wherever it may lead. The song describes the narrator and her lover, Bobby McGee, going through pure bliss and excitement together. Then she has to let him go down his own path, and she must go down hers. However, her heart is filled with broken pieces and remorse for letting him go.

‘Freedom is Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose’

Kristofferson actually wrote the unforgettable and well-known song in 1969. When Janis Joplin, the one and only queen of rock-n-roll combined with funky soul, got her hands on it and laid down the vocals, the tune became magic.

Kristofferson admits while it wasn’t written exclusively for Janis, it’s one that he says he’ll always associate with the late songstress.

Overall, the crowd loved it, and you can see the connection and comfortability between Sheryl and Kris. With a different sound other than what we’re used to, the song sounds more authentic and true to the singers’ southern roots. The country serenades and twang at the end of the sung words create something unique with a rich flavor with a unique viewpoint of other ways the classic song can be morphed into.