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Country Throwback: Loretta Lynn Crushes ‘You Ain’t Woman Enough’ Performance at Farm Aid in 1985

(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Loretta Lynn, considered by many as “The First Lady of Country Music,” put on a performance for the ages back at Farm Aid in 1985.

Lynn performs her hit song “You Ain’t Woman Enough” in front of a crowd on Sept. 22, 1985, in Champaign, Ill. She joined Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp, and others for the concert event. Farm Aid helps family farmers on their land and continues to make sure everyone has access to good food from family farmers.

Lynn, famously known for songs like the one she sings here as well as “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” sings her heart out in this country throwback to 1985.

Take a few minutes and enjoy Lynn performing “You Ain’t Woman Enough.”

Loretta Lynn Sings ‘Wouldn’t It Be Great’ About Husband

While everything on the outside might look cool to Loretta Lynn fans, that wasn’t always the case. In fact, her marriage to Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn was anything but cool.

Lynn has said “Doo,” who died from heart failure at 69 years old in 1996, had problems with alcohol and womanizing through their marriage. She’s also said that he was the inspiration for many of her songs.

“Doolittle” reportedly was the inspiration for songs like “Fist City” and “Don’t Come Home A-Drinkin’.” The last song he ever inspired Lynn to write was her 1985 song “Wouldn’t It Be Great,” according to Country Music Family.

Lynn Performs Song As ‘Doolittle’ Lynn Was On Death Bed

In a tweet from 2018, Lynn writes about “Wouldn’t It Be Great”.

“This was the last song I ever wrote for Doo. I sang it to him when he was dying. ‘Wouldn’t it be fine if you could say you love me, just one time, with a sober mind? Wouldn’t that be fine? Now, wouldn’t that be fine?'”

This number originally appeared on Lynn’s “Just a Woman” album. In 1993, Lynn joined up with Tammy Wynette and Dolly Parton to re-record the song for “Honky Tonk Angels.”

According to PBS, Loretta Lynn once said that her husband cheated regularly and even left her while she was in the middle of giving birth. She made the controversial statement that “he never hit me one time that I didn’t hit him back twice.”

Never doubt the toughness of Lynn, who has survived a lot in her life. Today, though, she’s still making music and living life on her terms.