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Country Throwback: Reba McEntire and Vince Gill Duet on ‘The Heart Won’t Lie’ in 1994

Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank

Country superstars Reba McEntire and Vince Gill wowed audiences with a performance of their first duet together, “The Heart Won’t Lie,” 26 years ago.

With songs like, “I Keep Loving You,” “Until They Don’t Love You,” and “Starting Over Again,” McEntire is known for her gut-wrenching songs about love. Her duet with Gill, “The Heart Won’t Lie,” is no different. The song is about two people who love each other but are trying to hide it (unsuccessfully). During the song, the two sing, “You try to live your life from day to day. But seeing you across the room tonight just gives me away.”

A year after the song’s release, McEntire and Gill showcased their talent as a swoon-worthy duet during the Hot Country Jam at the Roy Acuff Theater. The two performed the song and received a standing ovation.

Reba McEntire and Vince Gill perform “The Heart Won’t Lie.”

Reba McEntire Wanted To Record With Kenny Rodgers

The song was originally written as a duet between McEntire and Kenny Rodgers. However, because of the difference in ranges between their voices, McEntire says, “we could never get it to sound just right.”

While recording her 1993 album, It’s Your Call, McEntire asked Rogers if she could record “The Heart Won’t Lie,” herself. When he agreed to give her the song, McEntire thought Vince Gill would be a great vocal addition. At first, she wanted Gill to sing harmony. However, McEntire’s co-producer suggested that they really showcase Gill’s talent during the song. So they gave him a view verses to sing and the song became a duet. Soon after the song was released, “The Heart Won’t Lie,” claimed the number one spot on the charts where it stayed for two weeks. After moving from the number one spot, “The Heart Won’t Lie,” spent an additional 18 weeks on the charts.