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Country Throwback: Watch Willie Nelson Sing Hymns with His Son and Daughter at 2012 Show

Photo by: Mike Pont/Getty Images

Willie Nelson isn’t the only talented one in the family.

The country musician has invited his family to sing along a few times throughout his career. One instance was on March 9, 2012, live at the Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino in Indio, California.

Here his daughter, Amy Nelson, and his son, Lukas Nelson, are joining him on vocals. Meanwhile, his sister, Bobbie Nelson, is playing the piano.

The family plays the songs “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” and “I’ll Fly Away.” These are two of Nelson’s most popular gospel songs.

Bobbie Nelson and Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson’s sister, Bobbie, has been his longtime piano player.

The two released a memoir called, “Me and Sister Bobbie” where the two tell the story of growing up together. The book has alternating chapters that switch between his perspective and hers.

The Nelsons talk about being raised by their grandparents in Abbott, Texas. They also talk about the family, romantic, and career-based devastations the two dealt with together.

Bobbie has suffered a lot throughout her life. She just turned 90 on Jan. 5. In the past, she had lost custody of her three sons after her in-laws claimed she was on the road with Nelson too much.

“This sharp-tongued lawyer called me the kind of woman whose only means of earning a living was playing piano in honky-tonks. He referred to me as a harlot. I broke down in tears,” she wrote in the book.

Willie Nelson knows these struggles just as well. He struggled to work low-pay jobs to make ends meet. Then, even in Nashville, the hardships had only started.

One day, he went to lay down in the middle of the street, “half hoping a car would ride over me … I had to get up off my ass and, like everyone else in this cold world, keep on trying to figure out how to make a living,” he wrote.

His Talented Family

Willie Nelson has bragged about his kids’ talent in the past.

In an interview with The New Yorker, he said that Lukas is in Nashville recording an album. He is the lead singer of Lukas Nelson & The Promise of the Real. He also helped produce and wrote music for “A Star is Born.”

Micah is in a band in L.A. His daughter Paula is a DJ on Roadhouse. She also recorded “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” for an episode of “Big Little Lies.” Paula and Amy have performed the song together live before.

Willie Nelson and Annie Marie D’Angelo have been married since 1991. She is Nelson’s fourth wife. In total, he has eight kids.

One of which is Renee, who the singer didn’t know about until 2012. He had her with Mary Haney, an old friend. Renee had a daughter, who also has a daughter. This means that Nelson is a great-grandfather.