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Dierks Bentley Opens Up on Being ‘Unknown’ in Colorado: ‘I Like Taking a Vacation From Me’

Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMA

Dierks Bentley doesn’t mind being ignored.

In fact, the country singer is enjoying his newfound anonymity out in the Colorado mountains. The Bentley clan headed out west last spring to escape the pandemic. And eight months in, they’ve yet to return to Nashville. 

Bentley Takes a Vacation

“I like taking a vacation from me,” Bentley said during a recent media roundtable, Taste of Country reports. “I feel like, when I’m out west, nobody cares.” 

There was one incident in which a man showed up outside Bentley’s home. Paparazzi? No, just a house painter, getting ready to paint the family’s 19th-century house.

“Usually, that’s the tour bus driving by, trying to grab a picture of me in my underwear out in the front yard,” Bentley quipped.

His Family Loves Nashville

The country singer said his wife and three kids are adjusting to the move. It wasn’t easy to persuade them to head out to the mountains from Nashville.

“I’ve wanted to move out there for a long time, so I kinda used [the pandemic] as an opportunity to sneak out there,” Bentley confessed. He said he had to use “every trick to coerce [my kids]” into leaving Nashville.

“My kids love Nashville; they can’t wait to come back,” he said. While they’re enjoying Colorado, “they love the city, love their friends, obviously … They’re looking forward to coming back. This is their town.”

Meanwhile, Bentley has been mostly staying off social media while he writes and records new music. This October, he released a new single, “Gone.” And he performed the song on “The Tonight Show” this month.

The mountains have allowed Bentley to be just a regular guy, he said. He’s now living on “a regular street, with lots of neighbors, all packed together.” “It’s great,” Bentley said, “to have the ability to just go somewhere where you can be whoever you wanna be.”