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George Strait Takes Us Back to the Glory of the ’90s Reliving ‘I Cross My Heart’ Release 29 Years Ago Today

(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Essential Broadcast Media, LLC)

Ah, there’s nothing like kicking back and listening to classic George Strait. On this day, 29 years ago, he released “I Cross My Heart.”

That was back in September 1992. The video clip, below, from Strait’s Twitter account, shows “The King of Country Music” in action from the movie, “Pure Country.”

You Outsiders who have been following George Strait for many years will remember that he had the song on the album of the same name.

It’s one of those songs that you remember for a long time. Heck, you might have some sweet memories about where you were when you first heard “I Cross My Heart.”

Take a break from your busy life and tap your feet as George Strait sings a little of this song.

As the post notes, the song reached double platinum level. Oh, if you don’t remember what role Strait played, then he played Dusty Chandler. What did Chandler do for a living? He was a country music singer.

Not too much of a stretch for George Strait when it comes to acting.

These days, he’s getting back out on the road and doing concerts. Strait got back to Las Vegas and performed two shows, part of his “Strait to Vegas” series. Those concerts were scheduled for August 2020 but were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now that he’s touring again, maybe you Outsiders would like to see him in concert. You can check out his concert plans at his website right here. C’mon, go see “The King of Country Music” if you can.

George Strait Found Himself Becoming Co-Owner Of Favorite Tequila

When it comes to having a sweet adult beverage after a busy day, ol’ George Strait goes straight for his favorite tequila.

Yes, sir, Strait gets a bottle of Código 1530 and enjoys a fresh drink. Not only did he start enjoying it, well “The King” decided to become a co-owner of it.

Are you, fellow Outsiders, looking to add a bottle of tequila to your liquor cabinet? Take note. They have an expensive collection.

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This tequila is made of ripe agave, rock-filtered water, and is free of other sugars or flavorings. It tastes like aged vanilla with a dash of cocoa powder and cinnamon. Make sure you don’t always use it for mixed drinks. It is fit for drinking either straight or with a large ice cube.