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Eric Church Posts Clip of Epic National Anthem Performance at Super Bowl LV

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan kicked off Super Bowl LV in a big way tonight. Their epic performance of the National Anthem is guaranteed to give any American with ears goosebumps. If you missed the performance, Chief has you covered. He posted a clip from the performance on his Instagram during the first half of the big game.

As if fans weren’t already excited to see Eric Church perform the Star-Spangled Banner, he posted some rehearsal photos Friday to stoke the fire. We were all waiting to see just how epic the performance would be. In the end, we were not disappointed.

If you want to see the entire performance, click that link. However, this short clip from Eric Church’s Instagram captures the climax of the song.

In the clip, Chief and Jazmine Sullivan belt out the last stanza of the anthem. As their final note hangs in the air, fireworks erupt over Raymond James Stadium. At the same time, three US military jets fly over the crowd. If Church and Sullivan wanted to inspire some genuine patriotism with their showing, they absolutely nailed it.

Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan Make a Great Team

Everybody wants to talk about Brady and Gronk but the best duo of the night was definitely Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan. Together, they represent the combination of country music and soul. Both are truly American genres of music that come from the heart of our great nation.

In this patriotic pairing, both artists shine nearly as bright as the bombs bursting above the stadium. Sullivan’s gorgeous voice wraps around Church’s like a warm blanket made of bald eagle feathers and American flags. This is the kind of performance that will make you feel a little more patriotic. Find the video, save it, and if you ever feel your faith in our grand American Experiment getting low, just watch these two artists come together and create a melting pot of beautiful music.

Recently, Eric Church talked to the “Los Angeles Times” about why he chose to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. During the interview, he said that he wanted to do it as a sign of unity. We can use as much unity as we can ger at this point. Because he and Sullivan are so different both physically and musically, their union on the field is, in a way, symbolic. They are so different. Yet, when they come together they create beautiful and moving music. Friend, if that’s not American, I don’t know what is.