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Eric Church Reveals Keith Urban Gifted Him a 1933 Martin Guitar for Christmas

(Photo by Rich Fury/ACMA2019/Getty Images for ACM)

During an interview with Apple Music’s Kelleigh Bannen, Eric Church shared details about a very special Christmas gift he has received from a country music superstar.

At the start of the videoed interview, Bannen notices a guitar on the wall behind Church and asks him about it.

“Who we got? Who we got back there, guitar wise?” Bannen asks.

“You know what’s interesting,” Church says in response. “Keith Urban sent me a 1933 Martin for Christmas.”

Bannen in flabbergasted at that news. And, who can blame here. “This Christmas?” she asks.

“This Christmas,” Eric Church responds. “I came back and it was underneath the tree and I was blown away. He was thanking for the ‘We Were’ song that we had. Unbelievable. A pre-war Martin; it was unbelievable. What a sweet guy.”

The generosity of such a gift bowled over both Church and Bannen. Obviously, Bannen had questions about the guitar. “… Where did he find this guitar?” she asks.

“I have no idea,” Church said in response. “I have not got the full story. (Urban) says we’ve got to talk about it at some point in time. …”

At the time of the interview with Bannen, Eric Church was still in awe of the gift. “Blown away,” he said. “… He had a letter with it. I was floored – totally floored.”

Bannen was equally awed by the gift. “That is nuts,” she said. “Gah, that man is a good gift giver. That is nuts.”

“He wins,” Church said in response.

You can watch Eric Church talk about the gift from Keith Urban and more with Bannen below.

Eric Church Shares Details about Three New Albums

In addition to talking about that great gift from Keith Urban, Eric Church also talked to Kelleigh Bannen about the upcoming release of his three new albums. Called “Heart & Soul,” the three-album collection will be released in April.

The singer previously discussed the collection and shared its details in a social media post on Jan. 21. Church opened the video post saying, “Hey, Church Choir, I have three albums coming out in April. They came out of my 28 days in the mountains of North Carolina where the songs were recorded and written.”

While the “Heart” album and the “Soul” album will be available to everyone, Church said the middle album, “&,” was made exclusively for Church Choir members. Only this group will have access to the “&” album. The Church Choir is the singer’s fan club.

Also, according to Church, “white vinyl versions” of the albums will also be available. The singer also talks to his fans about the past year and his hopes for the future in the social media video.

“It’s been a long 10 months,” he said. “With the power of music and the love for each other, we will get through this. We will gather again soon.”