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Florida-Georgia Line Talk About Importance of Tim McGraw on Smash Hit ‘May We All’

Photo credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Florida-Georgia Line discusses what working with Tim McGraw was like on their 2016 hit “May We All.”

They said McGraw elevated the song to something greater than it would have been.

The duo asked McGraw to feature on their song and sent him the song to preview. To their excitement, the country singer agreed, not realizing how popular the song would become. The song appeared as the second single on their third studio album “Dig Your Roots.”

It tracked well on the country music charts and appeared at No. 30 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. The song also recently appeared on McGraw’s compilation album “McGraw Machine Hits: 2013-2019.”

“The song ‘May We All’ is another one of those songs that’s just real life,” Florida-Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard said. His collaborator Brian Kelly whispered the song was a McGraw song. “Yeah, it’s also just another McGraw song.”

Both agreed McGraw was a big influence on their own music and thanked him for working on the song. The trio also worked together on the music video for the song, which plays like a miniature movie. The video features Kelly and Hubbard as race car drivers chasing glory and fame.

“One of our biggest influences in our music and in life, in general, is Tim McGraw,” Hubbard said. “Putting Tim McGraw in the second verse and having him sing the rest of the song with us, just really brought that song to the next level. It just couldn’t have happened more naturally, more organically.”

Florida-Georgia Line Is Working on A Musical

Recently, Florida-Georgia Line dispelled rumors that they were breaking up. Rumors spread after Hubbard unfollowed Kelly on social media. Later, the two explained it was a difference of political opinion. But they respect each other as friends and as collaborators. Hubbard also recently recovered from COVID-19 after quarantining in his drive-way.

Some of their future plans include a country music musical. The two plan to record original music and reimagine some country classics for the untitled movie.