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Frankie Ballard Admits to Lying to Mom About Arm Injury from ‘Go-Kart Accident’

(Photo by Lorne Thomson/Redferns)

Although it’s an undeniable fact that we all love our moms, we’re all guilty of keeping a thing or two from Mom — and country music stars aren’t immune to this. Recently, country singer Frankie Ballard admitted to telling a little white lie to his own mom.

The “Young & Crazy” singer recalled when he was a kid and kept a secret from his mom. Once, when he came home with an injury on his arm, he conjured up a story that involved a go-kart accident. However, Ballard’s injury came from wire hangers, pilot light, and a desire to brand his baseball number onto his arm.

While music may be his main focus now, his first love will always be baseball. After lettering one season at Mott Community College, Ballard joined former Bronco head coach Fred Decker’s team in 2003. He played three seasons for the Broncos, with a batting average of .296 as a senior. He also played alongside MLB legend Adam Rosales and current NFL tight end Tony Scheffler.

Frankie Ballard As A New Dad

Although he’ll always have a love for baseball, Ballard’s heart now belongs to his daughter. In February of 2020, he and his wife Christina welcomed a baby girl. Their child, Pepper Lynn, arrived on Saturday (Feb. 8).

“I’ll never forget this unbelievable day with you and how my heart grew a schimillion times watching you hold our baby girl,” Christina wrote on Instagram at the time. “Thank you Jesus for my sweet family of 3. My cup is running over and full to the brim.”

Ballard responded with the comment, “MY SOUL IS ON FIRE WITH LOVE,” adding, “Chriss, You claimed Motherhood with grace and strength.”

The couple announced their pregnancy back in 2019, with Ballard commenting at the time that he had a name all picked out for a boy — one that would keep his family name going.

“I’m Frank Robert Ballard IV, so if it’s a boy, Chrissy has agreed (and is thrilled) to name him Frank V. We will have a little cinco!”

Although it wasn’t a boy, the signer was still elated. “If it’s a girl, I’ll be just as thrilled because either way, my heart is going to be bursting at the seams.” At the time, Frankie Ballard added that he and Christina had a few names picked out if they were to have a girl and that he had a few “classic” picks that he liked.