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George Strait Asks Fans What Favorite Live Song Is: We’ve Got Some Ideas…

(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

George Strait is asking his fans an important question on social media.

The King of Country Music tweets, “Reply with your favorite George Strait song to hear live!🎶” A throwback photo of Strait and his guitar player accompany the tweet.

The post was shared at noon, and about 45-minutes in, 175 people have shared their favorite George Strait song that they’ve heard live in concert.

Fans in the comments name just about every single of Strait’s hits. There are comments about “Run,” “Check Yes or No,” “Troubadour,” “Amarillo by Morning,” and the list goes on.

One person writes, “Love hearing Unwound’ live but it also makes me sad cause I know the concert is almost over.”

Some are torn over their favorites, “Still Make Cheyenne or Amarillo by Morning. I can’t choose!” Additionally, this fans says, “When did you stop loving me. True country in its purest form!!”

But we might have to agree with this Strait fan, “Any of them.”

Top George Strait Songs Performed Live

George Strait’s catalog of music is extensive. It’s hard to narrow down which is our most favorite song of Strait’s that we love to see him perform live, so we’re doing a round-up of some of our top choices.

First up, “Amarillo by Morning.” Definitely a Strait classic and as soon as we hear the fiddle and the steady beat of the drums, we know what song is next on the setlist.

This video is of Strait performing “Amarillo by Morning” at the Astrodome. Another video from the Astrodome shows the Texan having a little fun singing the upbeat song, “Heartland.”

Next up, is “Troubadour.” Not only do we love when Strait performs this song live, but it’s also the location in the video he’s playing it at.

Strait is on stage at Gruene Hall. This legendary music venue is almost like stepping on hollow ground. It’s almost like a mandatory stop on the Texas concert circuit.

Lastly, if you’re like us and can’t decide what your top three favorite is, here’s a medley of some of Strait’s hits. First up is “Write This Down,” which you can tell he really enjoys singing. Then that leads into a throwback hit, “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind,” followed by “She’ll Leave You with a Smile.”

Then George Strait picks it back up with “Check Yes or No,” the song about an elementary crush. To round out the medley, the King of country music sings a couple of verses from “The Chair.” The song is a classic two-stepping, slow dance about a guy trying to pick up a girl at a bar.