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Jason Aldean Asks ‘Where Did The Time Go’ in Throwback Photo

(Photo by Frederick Breedon IV/Getty Images for the Country Music)

If there’s one title Jason Aldean loves more than “country superstar,” it’s got to be “Dad.”

Aldean proved he’s a soft-hearted singer when he posted an adorable throwback photo on Twitter.

On Tuesday, the country music mega-star showed a picture of his number one fans: his daughters. Now much older, Keeley Ann Williams and Kendyl Alden Williams are in their teenage years, something that can’t be easy for Aldean.

Alongside the nostalgic photo, he captioned it with a tear-jerking comment that’s sadly relatable for all parents.

“Here is a little throwback for u guys. One of my favorite pictures from the road. Keeley is now 17 and Kendyl 13. Where did the time go?!?”

In addition to the two girls, Jason Aldean also has two more adorable children. He shares his oldest two daughters with his ex-wife, Jessica Ussery, and his younger two children with his current wife and former American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr.

Judging by Aldean’s Instagram, he seems to be very close with all of his children, despite selling out arenas when he’s on tour. His page is full of pictures of all of his kids. Whether he’s having a daddy-daughter day with one of his daughters or hanging out with his youngest, it’s obvious Aldean makes family time a priority.

Jason Aldean’s Family Continues To Grow

Since getting married in 2015, the Aldean-Kerr family has continued to grow. They welcomed, Memphis Aldean Williams into the world in 2017, becoming the first boy in the blended family.

“The first boy in the family on both sides is kind of a special thing for everybody,” Aldean explained. “Both sides of our families are full of girls. I have two, my sister’s got three, Brittany’s sister has got two, and so there are no boys at all.”

Two years later, the couple welcomed the youngest member of the family, Navy Rome Williams, on February 4, 2019. When asked about the baby’s unique name, Jason said that it was a compromise between what he wanted and what Brittany wanted. “Like with Memphis, we made a list of names that we liked, and we’d go back every once in a while, and names that had fallen off we’d take off the list,” he said.

Even though we’re sure Jason Aldean is heartbroken watching his oldest girls grow up, he gets to start the experience all over again with his two little ones.