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Joe Diffie’s Son Posts Emotional Tribute to Late Father on Anniversary of His Death

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

It’s officially been a year since we lost the country music legend, Joe Diffie, and fans are still reeling. Of his fans, friends, and family, Diffie’s sons have been especially devastated over the news.

On the first anniversary of their dad’s passing, one of his three sons posted a heart-wrenching letter to their father via Facebook. Diffie, a consistent hitmaker in the genre, died on March 29, 2020, due to complications related to COVID-19. Diffie was 61.

“Today marks a tragedy that has shaken my family to it’s core,” the emotional tribute began. “One year ago today my father the late Joe Diffie passed away due to complications of the COVID-19 virus.”

For country fans, Diffie inundated ’90s country music unlike no other. For many, Diffie’s music was the hallmark of the classic, honky-tonk country that fueled the era. From “John Deere Green” to “Pickup Man” and “Third Rock From the Sun,” his music served as the soundtrack to many people’s lives.

Joe Diffie’s Son Remembers the Late Icon Just as ‘Dad’

In the tribute, his son takes a moment to reminisce on the memories he made with his father, bringing up his gratitude for getting to spend precious time with him on the road.

“I hope that you smile when I stand at my kitchen counter and sing harmony through tears to every song you ever recorded and recall every moment of standing next to you on stage for all those years,” he added. “I want you to know that I am so appreciative that I had the opportunity to spend 13 years on the road with you. And I will cherish every second that I was able to spend on that bus with you.”

The post included heartfelt photos that showed fans a glimpse of the family man that Joe Diffie was proud to be. The tribute also included what his son misses most about his father.

“I miss the moments standing on stage and watching in awe as you consistently wowed the crowd with your talents and hanging on the deck listening to you rattle off useless information that only Jeopardy contestants would know. I miss the late-night texts talking about football and cooking, explaining every recipe and ingredient proudly. Or just checking in to sending you my latest achievements so I could hear you say you were proud of me. I miss standing at your house and having a song pop in your head and have you sing and change the words just to make us laugh.”

However, Joe Diffie’s son says he simply misses his dad more than anything. Joe Diffie may have been a superstar in the country music genre, but he always made being a father his number one job. Rest in peace Joe Diffie— we’ll be playing your music a little louder this week.