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John Prine’s ‘I Remember Everything’ Kicks off 2020 Masters After No Mention at CMA Awards

(Photo by Anthony Pidgeon/Redferns)

After the CMAs omitted any mention of country king John Prine at Wednesday’s award show, ESPN has come to the rescue with a historical (and emotional) tribute to the music icon during the Masters Tournament coverage.

Thursday’s coverage of the iconic golf tournament began with a minute and a half video set to the comforting sound of John Prine’s “I Remember Everything.” The tune is the last song Prine recorded before his death. A reflection of his full life, he honors his family and friends by singing about memories.

The video takes sports fans and music lovers alike through historic moments of the Masters Golf Tournament. Serene scenes of the course’s greens and a slow drive down Magnolia Lane transport viewers at home to the heavenly course. Though patrons aren’t walking the course this year, the intro video prompts them to “remember everything” that makes the hallowed grounds so special.

Watch ESPN’s Intro to the 2020 Masters Featuring John Prine’s Music

The lyrics of Prine’s final song seem to be crafted perfectly for the world-renowned golf course. The course famous for its bright grassy greens, picturesque magnolia trees, and unreal pink azaleas holds a special place in many hearts. We’ve been down this road before; Magnolia Lane is no new view, but this time, the scene is a bit quieter, with fewer patrons. Nonetheless, it’s perfectly delivered to fans at home with the resounding sound of John Prine’s comforting voice.

I’ve been down this road before
I remember every tree
Every single blade of grass
Holds a special place for me

‘I Remember Everything’ by John Prine

Tiger’s first win. Phil’s famous jump. The Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus. Arnold Palmer and Seve Ballesteros and all the greats. Clips of the iconic, recognizable moments flash across the screen. Moments that have defined the decades of Masters’ memories refocus viewers on the beauty and tradition of the special event. Tiger’s 2019 victory and his memorable hug with his young son close the video, reflecting on wins of springs’ past.

“Enjoy a little bit of spring in November,” the video’s narrator says in closing. It may not be April, but the beauty of that special place in Augusta, Georgia never fades. And neither does John Prine’s voice.

Golf Fans and John Prine Fanatics Share Their Love for the Video

Social media users were quick to appreciate ESPN’s masterpiece. Drew Holcomb, a Tennessee folk singer-songwriter says the video was more than he can handle. We agree, Drew.

Others couldn’t refrain from pointing out the fact that the sporting event honored the musician while the Country Music Academy ignored his impact on the genre during their event.

Others put it simply… “I’m weeping,” another user says. Toss us the tissues, Wes, because same.

Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson Furious after Awards Omit Tributes to ‘Heroes’

The 2020 CMA Awards paid tribute to many country music greats: Joe Diffie, Charlie Daniels, and Kenny Rogers all got moments during the show. John Prine went unmentioned, though, and many were beyond upset with the decision.

Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson did not let the award show off the hook.

“Two seconds, that’s all it would have took,” Simpson said in a now-deleted Instagram message.“Don’t get it twisted…wouldn’t be caught dead at this tacky ass glitter and botox cake & c-ck pony show even if my chair had a morphine drip. I just wanted to see if they would say his name but nope. No time for Buddha.”

Sturgill Simpson was unafraid to unleash his disdain with the Academy.

Jason Isbell shared a similar sentiment. Thursday he shared an announcement via Twitter that he and Amanda Shire are returning their CMA Lifetime Member cards after CMA’s “failure to mention John Prine, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Billy Joe Shaver.”

The CMA’s ignored the country music icon. But the 2020 Masters Tournament recognizes the impact John Prine made on not only music but our nation as a whole. The Masters honor past golf legends with the legendary voice of Prine, and damn, pass the tissues… It’s good.