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Justin Moore Details the Things He Does For His Wife Every Husband Can Relate To

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Justin Moore is just like every other husband out there, he does stuff for his wife that he doesn’t enjoy doing.

With the country crooner‘s latest single, “With A Woman You Love,” the lyrics paint the picture of a specific time in a relationship. It’s when the guy starts doing things for her that he typically wouldn’t do. Moore has been married to his wife Kate for nearly 15 years. Even with their deep love, he still can’t stand the Housewives television franchise.

At a Glance

  • Justin Moore spoke about his new single
  • The artist revealed some of the things that his wife loves and he hates
  • He shared what he does for her to make her happy.

“I don’t know that I have things that I do now that I necessarily enjoy doin’,” he began. “I tolerate them… most of the TV stuff I can’t take.”

What does Justin Moore get sick of? Trashy reality television.

“That’s the stuff I don’t tolerate, is the Housewives and all that garbage on TV. But there’s certainly things that I do, whether it be animal-related with dogs and cats and all that stuff. I mean something as simple as my wife, we just got her a new car,” he added. “I didn’t really want her to get what she got, but that’s what she wanted so that’s what we got.”

Justin Moore and His Most Prized Possession

Justin Moore has a favorite material possession with great meaning to him. The “Grandpa” singer spoke about ‘Paw Paw’ Moore. Paw Paw  passed away at 72 back in 2009 from cancer. His grandfather taught him how to hunt and fish. Growing up, he always promised him one of his own favorite items.

“I’m the oldest grandson on my dad‘s side,” he began. “And that grandfather is the one who passed who I was so close to. And he always had this tiny little .22 rifle, and it don’t even work anymore. I mean, it won’t even shoot.”

He continued, “And so, before he passed away he gave that to me,” he added. “Like I said, you can’t even shoot it anymore, but it means a lot to me.”

According to Song Facts, Justin Moore credits the tune about his grandpa to be the best song he has written.

“I could have a 30-year career or be gone tomorrow, but nobody will ever be able to take that away from me, to be able to do that,” he said. “I lost my grandma and an uncle a couple of years ago and I was at home playing this song acoustic after I’d written it. My wife walked in and I was bawling and I said, ‘I think I wrote this about my grandpas, but I think I also wrote it about my grandma and uncle.’”