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Justin Moore Reveals His Most Prized Possession Doesn’t Even Work

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Justin Moore has his No. 1 prized possession that doesn’t even work anymore.

In a new interview with his record label, Big Machine, the country crooner revealed his favorite thing on earth. When it comes to sentimental things, it’s all family heirlooms for Moore and his brood. His grandfather was one of the people that he was closer to before his passing. So when his grandfather gave him something, it meant the world to him.

At a Glance

  • Justin Moore revealed his close relatonship to his grandfather
  • His grandpa passed down a rifle to him
  • He shared its meaning to him

“I’m the oldest grandson on my dad‘s side,” he began. “And that grandfather is the one who passed who I was so close to. And he always had this tiny little .22 rifle, and it don’t even work anymore. I mean, it won’t even shoot.”

Growing up, his grandfather would tell him that the rifle was going to be his someday. As a child, he couldn’t wait.

“And so, before he passed away he gave that to me,” he added. “Like I said, you can’t even shoot it anymore, but it means a lot to me.”

Justin Moore and His Relationship With His Grandfather

Justin Moore adored his grandfather so much that he created the song “Grandpa” for him. He worked alongside Jamie Paulin and producer Jeremy Stover on the tune. He sent his grandfather a CD of the song since he didn’t know how to use an iPod. That was the only time that he saw his grandfather cry aside from his grandmother’s memorial.

“You stood on that bank when I got baptized / Gave me a 30-30 when I turned 9 / At 16 you caught me drinking out in the barn / I could hear you cheering when we won state, You held my hand at Grandma’s grave / And I’ll always be thankful, you never sold the farm,” he sings.

Moore told Great American Country per Song Facts that it was the greatest song that he has ever written.

“I could have a 30-year career or be gone tomorrow, but nobody will ever be able to take that away from me, to be able to do that,” he said. “I lost my grandma and an uncle a couple of years ago and I was at home playing this song acoustic after I’d written it. My wife walked in and I was bawling and I said, ‘I think I wrote this about my grandpas, but I think I also wrote it about my grandma and uncle.'”

Tom ‘Paw Paw’ Moore passed away at 72 back in 2009 from cancer. In the same week, he also lost his Aunt Glenda to a six-year battle with cancer. Justin Moore credited Paw Paw with teaching him how to hunt and fish. He put him on a deer stand when he was just 2.