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Justin Moore’s Son South Is a Country Boy in the Making in New ‘Tractor Work’ Pic

(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

We all know the old saying; “Country is as country does,” or something like that anyway. Regardless, Justin Moore shared the sweetest photo of him and his son South working on the tractor together and it’s the sweetest thing you could hope to see. With a dad who prides himself on his country roots, there’s no doubt young South will grow up to be every bit as country as his old man.

Justine Moore shared the photo to his Twitter later Wednesday evening, writing “Doing some @BobcatCompany tractor work with South… He loves it. Lol.” While I’m not entirely sure how true the claim is as South’s cheesing doesn’t seem to be overtly genuine, fans nevertheless adored the blonde-haired, brown-eyed little boy and his juice pouch.

“Like Father like son…how absolutely adorable,” wrote one of Moore’s followers. Another jibed, “How adorable! He’s growing up so fast! He may get better at that than you!”

And while we’re sure the thought has definitely occurred to Justin Moore, I don’t know how much he appreciates the observation from random fans. Regardless, it’s always sweet to see our favorite country stars feature their little ones on their social media accounts.

Justin Moore Scored a 10th Chart-Topper with ‘We Didn’t Have Much’

While Justin Moore reflects on a memorable day with his son South, he’ll later be able to reflect on that time he scored his 10th chart-topping single with his latest, “We Didn’t Have Much.”

The song throws it back to a simpler time when money wasn’t everything and love consisted of Mama frying bacon in the kitchen in a tiny little house. For many Americans, the song rings some kind of truth which most likely contributes to its success on Billboard charts.

During an Outsider exclusive, Justine Moore made himself even more relatable than his songs already portray him. He previously said, “I would still be at a lot of these shows regardless of my position. I would be the one out there looking at the guy on stage if I wasn’t the guy on stage looking at the crowd.”

Like many of his country music fans, Moore grew up listening to country music icons, from Dwight Yoakam to Alan Jackson. And for fans of those same artists, “We Didn’t Have Much” brings a lot of values rooted in songs sung by these country music greats to the sounds of modern country.

Moore previously said, “Their music kind of described the way I was growing up…I thought they were writing songs about me and my buddies. I feel like subconsciously we’ve kind of done that throughout our career.”

The point lies right above home. The reason for the success of most country music is a direct result of its relatability and self-reflection among the genre’s fans. It reminds people of their roots, their passions, and the simple pleasures in life.