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Kane Brown Thanks Pastor in Alabama for Kindly Paying for His Breakfast

(Photo Credit: Grand Ole Opry/ Getty Images)

Country artist Kane Brown took to social media to thank an Alabama pastor who bought his breakfast this morning. 

Kane Brown Hopes to Thank Pastor

Kane Brown posted on Twitter this morning to thank the pastor who bought his meal while traveling through Alabama. He is hoping the power and widespread nature of social media will find the gracious pastor. 

“Just wanted to say thanks to the pastor from Alabama who paid for our meal this morning and didn’t even say hello. Thank you. I hope you see this.”

Many people commented on Brown’s post, telling him to continue the friendly gesture by paying it forward as well. 

“It’s such a heartwarming feeling when a total stranger does something kind for you! I know you’ll find a way to pay it forward!” one user wrote.

Kane Brown currently lives in Nashville, so it is unknown why he was in Alabama.

Darius Rucker Pays it Forward

Similarly, earlier this month, Darius Rucker bought everyone’s meal at an IHOP in South Carolina. After making headlines for the good deed, along with a sizable tip for the servers, Rucker opened up about why he did it. 

Outsider staff writer Keeli Parkey reported on the story, saying that during an interview with Taste of Country, Darius Rucker said he wasn’t trying to make headlines. 

“I did it — I tipped the waitstaff, and I left. I just didn’t think it was going to be newsworthy.”

As for why Rucker felt compelled to help, he said it had to do with a challenging 2020.

“I was just looking around … and there was just a bunch of families, a bunch of kids,” Rucker said. “I really just thought about the economy and what it is, and it’s been a tough year, and I was walking out and saw my friends that I see all the time when I’m in there, and I said, ‘Hey man, how long will it take you to calculate everybody’s check.’ He said, ‘About a minute.'”

The IHOP manager, Stephen Vitale, also spoke on the kind gesture, saying he was shocked

“It was a full restaurant,” Vitale said. “There were a lot of people. I added it up, and he paid. It caused a lot of excitement. We know him because he does come in quite often, and we consider him a regular,” Vitale said. “It was a good morning at IHOP.”

Positive vibes all around for the country music community! Pay it forward if you are able. It will make someone’s day!