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Keith Urban Reveals Incredible ‘Now and Then’ Photos from Childhood: ‘Like Being Around Cows’

(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

Country music singer-songwriter Keith Urban certainly has a thing for cows, or at least it appears that way through photographs.

Urban managed to take a picture of himself surrounded by a bunch of cows. He then found one from his childhood in Australia where he’s right next to a cow. That second photo, though, is pretty rad as he’s holding an electric guitar in his little boy’s hands.

What in the world does a whiz-kid of a guitar player actually play for a cow? Well, I’m not sure we will ever get an answer to that burning question.

But for your viewing pleasure, here are a couple of photos from here and there of Keith Urban and his friends.

Of course, Keith Urban and his wife, actress Nicole Kidman, have their own farmhouse near Sydney, Australia. It makes sense as both are from Australia and New Zealand, respectively, who have found success beyond their homeland.

There is little doubt, though, that Urban has something a bit endearing about these big animals.

Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Raise Kids In 2 Countries

Speaking of Australia, Keith Urban and Kidman have been spending a lot of time back there since COVID-19 struck around the world.

Kidman said the couple’s daughters, Sunday and Faith, travel everywhere with them.

Urban said, “We live in different places – between Nashville and London – so we’re just used to not having a particular structure. It’s based on whether Nic’s working, whether I’m working.”

This time, Kidman had a job that took the family back to Australia. Both of them consider themselves as Aussies, even though Urban was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia.

Nicole Kidman Left Urban For A Bit To Film Movie

In 2020, Kidman was filming an HBO series in Los Angeles. Well, the entire family went back to Nashville for the early part of the COVID-19 shutdown. But they moved to Australia so Kidman could star in and produce the TV adaption of “Nine Perfect Strangers.”

Urban and Kidman have been there ever since. It works out because Kidman is closer to her mother Janelle and sister Antonia.

Now Kidman did leave Australia for a movie role in Great Britain and found herself having to self-isolate. Since the movie finished shooting, she’s gone back to live in Australia.

“A lot of people as they get older get more protected and terrified,” Kidman said. “My desire is to keep throwing myself into things. My parenting, my relationship (with Keith Urban), my work. I’ll take the pain. I’ll take the joy. Because the feeling makes me go, I’m in life. It’s an enormous gift, this life.

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