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Keith Urban Unveils Refurbished 1969 Mustang Alongside Jay Leno at SEMA Trade Show

(Photo By Debra L. Rothenberg/Wireimage)

Country music star Keith Urban made a big splash at the giant SEMA auto trade show. He was able to go along with Jay Leno to the event. This is one of the biggest and best shows in the country and Las Vegas hosted all of the rare and unique vehicles.

When you come to the SEMA show, you better bring a nice car. The Australian singer made sure to do just that. His 1969 Ford Mustang had to be one of the hottest cars at the show. Blacked out and just classic as hell, you gotta see this thing for yourself.

“Unveiled the ‘69 Mustang at SEMA yesterday,” his post reads. “Massive thx to the amazing team at @ford, @jaylenosgarage, and @semashow! This car is spellbinding in every detail – Nic and I are floored at the skill, passion, and care that went into this project!!!! AND thanks to the fine folks at @fendercustomshop who crafted a one of a kind Telecaster in the same color as the Mustang!!!”

He shared a picture of the car as well as three videos from the event. He was alongside Jay Leno at the show and shared some thoughts with the late-night legend.

“Backstage at SEMO. Here in Las Vegas. I’m right here with Jay, we’re about to go on. Hi Jay!” Urban laughed. “Band is playing and we’re about to do our Mustang reveal soon, how cool?”

Keith Urban likes his cars and that was clear during his presentation at SEMO. The country singer had his vehicle covered up before giving the big reveal.

Keith Urban Takes the Stage at SEMO

While he didn’t perform, Keith Urban did get on stage with a microphone in his hand. He spoke about the history of the car and how he came to own it. It was a personal gift and something that Urban loved when he first saw it. It came as a surprise, in fact.

After taking a trip on the town, Nicole Kidman, his wife, convinced him they just had to stop in at the old barn. While it wasn’t a “purebred” car, as the finger put it, he liked the look of the car. So, they made their way down to the barn.

“She said, ‘Can you just run down I just need to get something out of there.'” Urban recalled. “I go down, open the doors, and there’s this black Mustang with a bow around it, which I thought only happened to other people. You know I’ve never seen a bow on a car before.” What a great gift.

That isn’t bad for a second-anniversary present. Can’t complain.