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Kenny Chesney Hits Stage for First Time in Over 2 Years in Surprise Key West Performance

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Kenny Chesney)

On Thursday evening, country superstar Kenny Chesney took to the stage for the first time in more than two years for his surprise Kenny Chesney: Live from the Key West Theater.

“Key West was special. It was good to feel the love again. I needed it. #smallstageseries,” Kenny Chesney declared in the post, which featured a few snapshots of the intimate event. 

While speaking prior to the event, Kenney Chesney spoke about the small performance by noting there are so many of his songs that are close to his heart that actually gets lost during a stadium event.

“They’re songs from one heart to the world, and you need to really listen and take in the words. So they’re songs I don’t get to do very often. And tonight, in this place with so much history for so many writers, I’m going to go to those places.”

For his opening song, Kenny Chesney performed “Song for the Saints.” A total of 200 people were in the historical theatre chanting “We Do” during Chesney’s second song. He performed his other hits, including “Pirate Song;” “We’re All Here;” “Love For Love City;” and “Better Boat.”

He also performed his current Top 10 single, introduced by saying, “These kinds of songs are the reason I moved to Nashville.”

Kenny Chesney Talks Returning to the Stage After More Than Two Years 

Also recalling the last time he performed on stage, Kenny Chesney said when he and his crew walked offstage at Baton Rouge’s Tiger Stadium in May 2019, he didn’t imagine having to wait three years between the shows to listen to No Shoes Nation programming on a Saturday afternoon. 

“Hearing their voices singing back to tonight,” Kenny Chesney began. “It makes you realize how precious life, friends, music, and these connections truly are.”

Kenny Chesney then noted that he loves when he and his crew performed during the small event because it meant he got to play songs that he never gets to play. “But what really struck me tonight was how these songs, even the ones people have ever heard on the radio, hold people’s lives.”

Kenny Chesney goes on to add that to him, music is about finding those things about who everyone is, as well as the experiences that everyone shares no matter where they come from or who they are.

Kenny Chesney: Live from the Key West Theater will reportedly be rebroadcast on SiriusXM’s No Shoes Radio through satellite and the SXM App on Friday, October 8th at 9 pm ET; Saturday, October 9th at noon ET and 6 pm ET; and Sunday, October 10th at 3 pm ET.