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Kip Moore Dishes on Recording New Album, Picking Up Hobby During Quarantine

(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

While many were stuck indoors amid the ongoing coronavirus, Kip Moore decided to take advantage of the unforeseen time off. Not only did he deliver fans a knockout album in 2020, but the country singer also learned carpentry while undergoing home renovations. 

During a recent chat with Rolling Stone, the “Payin’ Hard” performer gave his thoughts on a wide array of topics, including his well-documented obsession for Bruce Springsteen to his most-watched movie this year: Good Will Hunting. He also touched on his latest album and a newfound love for woodworking. 

When asked about his newly adopted quarantine activities, Moore says, “I got more creative than ever, put a studio in my house and made a record no one has heard.”

In addition to that, Moore also revealed he picked up the carpentry hobby thanks to his friend Dan Couch, a fellow country music songwriter and a man who knows his way around the woodworking craft. 

“I renovated my house this year during quarantine,” Moore explains. “Couch is amazing and taught me a ton about putting in walls, ceilings, building bed frames. You name it, we did it.”

On the subject of his new album, Moore mentioned that carpentry played a role in making the record. 

“I’ve written a whole ‘nother project that no one’s heard,” Moore disclosed during a media event earlier this year. “I set up a studio at my house, and for a month straight, that’s all I did, was write and record. … I was writing every single morning and mountain biking and rock climbing during the day.”

Kip Moore Optimistic About 2021

However, the singer admitted to Rolling Stone his criticisms for the year, confessing he felt helpless regarding humanity. The musician clarified his pessimistic approach: “I feel our phones have taken us into this really strange antagonistic approach to everything,” he says, “and I don’t know how that gets better if it’s only going more that way.”

Still, like many of us, Moore strives to remain optimistic about 2021. Moore says he hopes our current culture can “stop with our aggressive approach to situations. We stop canceling each other. Stop feeding into the bullshit division. We do our research on what the news, Instagram and other social media outlets feed us before we start spouting off. Learn empathy and realize we are all from different walks of life.”

“We will never all see eye to eye on every matter,” he adds, “and that’s okay.”