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Kip Moore Speaks Out About How the Pandemic and ‘Awakening of a Country’ Impacted His Latest Album

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During an exclusive interview with Outsider, Kip Moore talked about how the past year’s events shifted his plans for his latest album.

On an episode of The Road You Leave Behind with Marty Smith, country star Kip Moore talked about the effects the pandemic had on his latest album. He shared how the world went into lockdown just days after the release of his album, Wild World.

“A global pandemic mixed with an awakening of a country around issues that have been buried under the surface for a long time,” said Moore about what all was happening in the world when he released his album last year. “A visual happens that is unlike anything that we’ve ever seen. So everything was a suction to that for four months or so, four days into the release of the record.”

Kip Says Not Being Able To Play Concerts Was ‘Super Detrimental’

Moore said that, naturally, people’s attention shifted to what was happening around the country. And not being able to debut his music live made it difficult for the album to take off the way he wanted.

“Well, I think it simply is one of those things where attention was shifted,” said Moore. “And not being able to get out and play was one of the main nails in the coffin. I had no way of getting your attention on it. And I’m not somebody to do a whole lot of social media, period.”

Moore said that he recognizes that playing concerts is crucial to getting your name out there and gaining new fans.

“When I think of concerts I’ve been to, I think of times where I walk into rooms and I may not be very familiar with the band. And then I leave and I’m downloading everything they got,” said Moore. “So, for me, not being able to play around the release of that record was super detrimental.”

Nevertheless, Kip Moore has big plans for this year.

“So, I’m just bringing people’s attention back, because I know we’re going to get out and do some shows this summer and fall,” said Moore. “And just try to hold you over until something’s coming.”

Kip Moore Is A Pro At Overcoming Challenges

It took Kip Moore eight years to land a record deal in Nashville. So, if anyone thinks something as small as a global pandemic is going to stop this country artist, they are sorely mistaken. During another interview with Outsider, Moore talked about what it takes to have unwavering faith in yourself when pursuing your dreams.

“You have to have almost a delusional faith in yourself,” said Moore. “You have to believe in yourself at all costs when no one else is because believe me nobody did for a while.”

Moore said that one of the keys to his success came from finding ways to stay motivated every day.

“Every day I needed to find some kind of nugget to keep my feet moving forward,” said Moore. “I wanted to quit a million times.”

We’re happy he didn’t because we are so ready for a Kip Moore concert this summer! For more about Kip Moore and other artists, watch the full video podcasts on Outsider’s Youtube or listen on Apple Podcasts or Podbean.

Kip Moore talks about working for eight years to get a record deal.