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Koe Wetzel Drops Music Video For New Single ‘April Showers’

Koe Wetzel Drops Music Video For New Single 'April Showers'
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Koe Wetzel just dropped a new music video and it’s everything we wanted from this song. If you’ve been following Koe Wetzel’s tour, you know that he’s been playing an–until now–unreleased song at some of his shows. In St. Louis he introduced it as “I Once Had Sex With An Armadillo But Then Thought Twice About It Because Armadillos Can Carry Leprosy And I Don’t Want Leprosy.” He then did it again in Columbia, introducing it by just saying “f–k a title.”

Well, now this song definitely has a title, and a video to go along with it. Koe Wetzel dropped the music video for the new song “April Showers” today, and it’s a humorous look at his fictionalized daily life while waiting for a meteor to crash into the Earth. At first, we don’t know that’s what he’s doing, but it becomes increasingly clear as the video progresses.

Koe Wetzel Drops New Music Video for ‘April Showers’

The video opens on a briefly “Apocalypse Now”-esque scene of Koe Wetzel laying in bed with the fan going, and maybe that’s the reference he’s going for; I’m just going by what it initially reminded me of. Either way, Wetzel gets up and goes about his day, but there are hints throughout the video that something is happening. He’s looking through a telescope, and drawing a portrait of a hurtling meteor, and then, at the end of the day, he stands outside while the meteor crashes and destroys everything.

It’s shot in a way that accentuates the humor, mostly by utilizing quick zooms. Koe Wetzel goes through his day, cleaning the pool, checking the mail, pulling weeds, and writing a song, all the while there’s a meteor hurtling towards Earth.

As for the song itself, it may seem serious on the surface, but when you do a close listen, it’s actually slightly glib. It’s about two people who “don’t talk like we used to,” with the speaker just up and saying goodbye because they’re sick of waiting around. The speaker has strong feelings attached to this other person, but they’re not communicating or reciprocating like the speaker thinks they should. And so, the speaker says goodbye.

The song is a release for anyone going through a situation where things have become awkward with another person. It conjures up the emotion of letting go, and moving on. The metaphorical death of the relationship portrayed by the literal death from the meteor. It’s a great image, and Koe Wetzel really hit the nail on the head with this one.

Koe Wetzel Celebrates ‘April Showers’ With a Shower Beer

Before “April Showers” officially dropped, Koe Wetzel shared a sneak peek via TikTok in typical form; he had a beer in the shower. Now, I honestly don’t blame him; there’s nothing that really compares to the experience of a shower beer. It was a great way to give fans that sneak peek, plus showcase that signature Wetzel sense of humor we all love. Now that the song is out, I foresee a lot of beers and singing in the shower in our future.