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Lauren Alaina Releases Unreleased Song ‘Talking to God’

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Lauren Alaina released a highly relatable unreleased demo, “Talking to God.”

To celebrate reaching the amazing milestone of 1,000,000 Instagram followers, the Grand Ole Opry member graced fans with an unreleased demo. It’s a wonder that the song was never released, let alone promoted as a single. Fans praised her honest songwriting and relatable lyricism.

“Y”’ALL! We did it!! As promised, here’s an #unreleasedsong called #TalkingToGod. I hope you listen to it DEMOver and over again, and love it as much as I love all ONE MILLION of you,” she captioned the post.

The lyrics discuss people waiting too late whether that be telling the truth, telling someone that you love them, or completing an action.

“I wrote this song after a big loss in my life,” Alaina wrote in the video. “I realized I had prayed more in that time than ever before.”

So one day, Lauren Alaina sat down and came up with the opening line for the song. “Why do we wait till we’re going through hell to start talking to God?”

She then realized the truth in the age old adage, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.”

Alaina concluded the video by sharing her hopes that people can relate and share it with someone who needs to hear these words.

Listen to the track in full, below:

This wasn’t the first time that she shared an unreleased demo after a big milestone. She also released the song, “If I Was My Best Friend”. This came right after she officially became a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Lauren Alaina on How Music Helped He Rediscover Hope

Lauren Alaina recently sat down with Taste of Country, where she spoke about how her 2021 record, Sitting Pretty on Top of the World helped her find hope again. 

“It was an emotional time,” she began. “And what I usually do with my emotions is turn them into art. With the pandemic and everything, I stopped for the first time in 10 years. I never would have had enough time to do all three of those projects [album, book, and Hallmark movie] in such a short time span. But because I was home consistently, I was able to reconnect with myself in a way that I hadn’t been able to for so long.”

Alaina explained that the title track is all about what people see on the outside. “It’s about putting on a façade that you’re okay when you know you are not,” she explained. “You’re going out and putting on a brave face, but inside, you feel like you’re breaking. And much of the last two years, I have felt that way.”

Lauren Alaina went through the death of her stepfather and had two very public breakups. She found hope and decided to remain optimistic and get into a “more healthy, emotional place.”