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Luke Bryan Shares Hilarious Moment Katy Perry Scared Him on ‘American Idol’ Set

Photo credit: Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

In the spirit of Halloween, Luke Bryan revealed a time his fellow American Idol judge Katy Perry scared him on set. She convinced him and fellow judge Lionel Richie the set had ghosts while filming Season 4.

In the clip Bryan shared, a falling American Idol sign caused Perry to leap from her seat. “They’re here,” she shouted. Her reaction startled her fellow judges.

“This place is haunted!” Bryan chuckled before revealing Perry scared him. “You did get me. A little bit.”

Realizing Bryan scared easily, Perry asked if the hotel the judges were staying at was haunted. She then tried to scare Bryan again by pointing behind him and screaming. Bryan wasn’t the only Perry scared with her theatrics. Richie revealed to the other judges that he’s always scared. “Because the brother dies first in every haunted movie.”

Luke Bryan Also Got Scared By His Wife

Bryan may be something of a scaredy-cat. In an interview, he discussed how his wife Caroline also enjoys tormenting him on Halloween. For instance, she scared him so bad one night with a Halloween decoration that he almost choked on his toothpaste.

“So my wife bought those things where the witch taps on the glass. I get home off the road, it’s like 12:15 at night and I’m brushing my teeth and I hear something go [taps],” he told Taste of Country. “This witch — you stick it to the outside of your glass — and I look up and there is a witch tapping. That’s what my wife does to me during Halloween.”

In addition to frights, his wife also makes him dress up in ridiculous couples’ costumes for the holiday. Over the years, the couple has worn a variety of costumes including matching ostriches and T-Rex. In an Instagram post, Bryan’s wife revealed she enjoyed tormenting the country sing for the holiday. She wrote, “5 more days until I get to torture Luke with another ridiculous costume…he secretly loves it.”