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Luke Combs’ ‘Beer Can’: Story Behind the Hit Song

(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Luke Combs is one of the biggest stars in country music today. Since he burst onto the mainstream country scene in 2017, Combs has released nine number-one singles, two chart-topping albums, and several EPs. Like his song says, when it rains it pours.

Luke Combs doesn’t just make hit singles and win awards. He makes great country music. He’s one of those artists who makes albums that are good from start to finish. An example of an album cut that could have gone to number one is “Beer Can.”

“Beer Can” is a fun track about the virtues of beer. The lyrics are almost guaranteed to make you thirsty. The song’s instrumentation, and Combs’ delivery, sound like they could have come straight from a 90s country playlist.

Luke Combs’ Ode to Beer

Like all of the songs on “This One’s for You,” Luke Combs co-wrote “Beer Can.” This track was written by Combs, James McNair, and Roy Fulcher. The song talks about a weekend well-spent with plenty of suds.

The song kicks off appropriately, with a tab popping on a can. Then, the lean guitar and steel come in for a moment before the vocals kick in. From the opening seconds of the song, you know you’re in for a real country drinking song. No tailgates, painted-on jeans, or bonfires will be found in this track. It’s a great start.

In the opening lines, Luke Combs embodies the blue-collar spirit of good country music. “I’ve been working this job nine to five/ minimum wage and overtime/ but here comes a few days of unpaid vacation.” What follows is a raucous song about the joys of staying hammered for a few days.

The song tells the story of a wild weekend. From waking up next to a stranger with a hangover to drinking to deal with the consequences of overdoing it, we’re on board for Luke Combs’ crazy three-day bender.

Aside from the storytelling aspect of the song, there is some great wordplay going on. The chorus changes slightly each time. From having a wild time Friday night to not giving a damn about it being Sunday and potential hangover Monday morning.

Also, the chorus is bookended by different uses of the words “beer can.” He picks up a beer can because nothing can pick him up like a beer can. These seemingly simple things subtly elevate the track. The wordplay is clever, the instrumentation harkens back to classic country music, and Combs’ vocals are top-notch as usual.

Pick Up a Beer Can With Luke Combs

If you haven’t heard anything from Luke Combs other than his big radio hits, do yourself a favor and dig a little deeper. His album cuts are just as good as his chart-toppers. Tracks like “Beer Can” are just waiting to surprise you.