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Luke Combs is Giving Fans All-Access Video of Live Show, Sets Date of Release

Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMA

Country star Luke Combs is offering fans an all-access video of a full show from his last live tour on Feb. 18, he said in a tweet Thursday.

Luke Combs Dropping Video from Live Show

“Sure I’m not the only one, but man, I miss live music,” Combs tweeted. “So I got to thinking – my team recorded the shows on my last tour. What would y’all think about me posting a full show to watch? All the camera angles and everything. Thought it may be pretty cool. Maybe the night of Feb. 18?”

Combs has stayed busy during the pandemic, most recently releasing a video for “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” his duet with fellow country musician Jameson Rodgers, and releasing the song “The Great Divide” with bluegrass star Billy Strings.

Combs also revealed in a statement about “The Great Divide” that he’s been working on a bluegrass album, per Rolling Stone.

“This is a song that was supposed to be a part of that project,” he said. “It’s not a lead single or a lead-in to that project yet, because that is not done. But it felt like the right time to put this song out. When we wrote it, there were a lot of crazy things going on in the world. There’s still a lot of crazy things going on in the world. And I just felt like I had some stuff to say.” 

“It’s not meant to be political,” he added. “It’s not meant to try and tell you what to think or tell you how to believe. That’s not my job. It’s just a guy kinda saying the way he was feeling when he wrote it.”

Making It Through the Pandemic

Combs said he’d had to move the bluegrass project to the back burner due to the difficulties imposed by the pandemic. 

“I wrote a bunch of bluegrass songs in June of this last year and I had plans to write a bunch more,” Combs said in a social media video, according to Taste of Country. “And as COVID continued to get worse around the holidays I wasn’t able to have a lot of those… in-person writes.”

No doubt Combs has been missing performing live shows. But if he can’t perform in person, perhaps reliving the glory days pre-pandemic is the next best thing. And at the very least, it’s something his fans will surely appreciate while they, like him, wait for the pandemic to pass.