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Luke Combs Reveals ‘Top Secret’ Easter Eggs from Music Video

David Rosenblum, Getty Images

Luke Combs managed to hide Easter eggs in his music videos. In a new YouTube video, the country crooner revealed the details that fans might have missed in his “Doin’ This” video. The song was a “top secret” project that he waited to release to align with the 2021 CMA Awards. He ended up treating fans to the debut performance of the unreleased song at the awards show.

The first Easter egg was rather big and honored Adam Church, who helped him break into the industry at Appalachian State University. To pay tribute to him, he filmed in his home town of Boone, North Carolina. He noted that his wife was “a great co-star — but their daughter stole the show.” The crew ended up having Lily focus by watching an episode of the Teletubbies.

“Because the song was unreleased at the time, production of the music video was kept top-secret,” he explained. “In order to not draw attention, Luke’s performance is in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee.”

The creatives behind the project also used footage from Luke Combs’ first time playing at Appalachian State’s Kidd-Brewer Stadium. He noted that it is the “Number 1 show that I have ever played in my entire life.”

Because the song wasn’t released and it was under wraps, the music wasn’t playing. However, Church did lip sync some of the lyrics.“We played every bar in that town so this was a huge full circle thing for me,” Combs added.

Why Luke Combs Hasn’t Released a Third Album Just Yet

With the back to back sold out tours and success of his releases, Luke Combs has hit it big. Fans have been anxiously waiting to learn when he would release his third studio album.

2018 marked the release of This One’s For You which introduced him to an even bigger fan base. Then he followed his debut record with What You See Is What You Get which cemented his name into country music history. Fans can rest assured that there is work being done currently.

“It’s been a long process,” the country singer told The Boot. “I was working on it really hard before this tour we did in the fall.”

Luke Combs, like all other musicians, had to adhere to COVID safety protocols. It hasn’t been easy for any touring crews but they found a way to make it work. However, this meant less time to work on new music.

“There was nobody to call for a lot of those stressful situations, where it was like, ‘Hey, what do I do about this thing?’” Combs added. “‘Hey, when this happened to you, what did you do?’ There was none of that.” Just learning things as they went.

“I kinda took a pause on working on [the album] because I just really wanted to focus on that tour,” he concluded. We’re sure that album No. 3 is going to be his biggest yet!