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Luke Combs Teases New Music After Radio Debut of His Song ‘Cold As You’

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Just as the summer heats up, Luke Combs finds a way to cool us all down as his song “Cold As You” reaches radio stations. A part of his 2020 album, What You See Ain’t What You Get, Combs’ song details the story of a broken-hearted guy finding his way to a barstool.

“Whiskey River” on a jukebox
A honky tonk sawdust dance floor
A neon, five o’clock, broke clock
And plenty damn many when you want one more
Of this broke heart fool on an old bar stool
Drinkin’ beer almost as cold as you

Along with the news of his song’s appearance on the radio, Luke Combs teases fans with another piece of exciting information. In his Tweet, Combs wrote, “Excited to let y’all know ‘Cold As You’ will be my next song on the radio, then it’s time for NEW MUSIC.”

Luke Combs Releases Several New Songs

As most fans know, Luke Combs is working on his third album. The star Tweeted about the new project on his birthday on March 2nd.

Slowly, the young country star has been releasing new music from the new album as well as separate projects. In January, Combs released the song, “The Great Divide,” a collaboration with bluegrass artist Billy Strings. While unable to continue with his tour, Combs co-wrote the song with Strings in June 2020.

Although the song is a part of a separate bluegrass project, the song was still a hit with fans, especially since it speaks to the division and separation so many feel within the country.

“This song is our interpretation of the conflicts and tension we had been witnessing/experiencing around the time we wrote it,” Strings shared. “We wanted to shine a little light on the situation and offer a bit of hope during what has been a tough time for many.”

Combs Shares Sneak Peek of Exclusive Song

Along with “The Great Divide,” Luke Combs kept his fans excited by releasing an unplugged, sneak-peek version of his new song, “See Me Now.” While Combs has written songs about fatherhood in the past, this song is from the perspective of a son. The lyrics tell the story of a son who has lost his father and reflects on what his dad would think of him today.

We’d be trashin’ price of gas and politicians
Put a hurtin’ on that ole Gibson
And I could tell you ’bout all the life that I’ve been livin’
Like you’d think you’d be the proudest man in town
Like you’d think you’d be the proudest man in town
If I could see you see me now
See me now

Although his own father is still around, Luke Combs still manages to capture the emotion of a son who misses his late father. Ever the talented musician, Combs’ songs prove to be more than just catchy tunes. Each one of his releases shows the same genuine emotion and authenticity as the one before.