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Miranda Lambert Reveals Her Drink of Choice When Recording in the Studio

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for NARAS)

As she prepares for the release of her upcoming album “Palomino,” country music superstar Miranda Lambert reveals her drink of choice while she’s recording in the studio. 

During her recent performance with iHeartCountry, Miranda Lambert talked about her drink choice. “In the studio, I bring tequila or Titos. One of the two. And so I’m always like, when the studio gets intense, I’m like, ‘Everyone just take a break.’”

Miranda Lambert also revealed her drink of choice for her performance at iHeartCountry, which was Titos. “This is my baby. But it’s empty. So that’s why I’m going to sing this song!”

“Palomino” is Miranda Lambert’s ninth solo studio album. Lambert produced the album along with Luke Disc and Jon Randall. She also co-wrote 14 of the 15 tracks. Among the songs featured on the album are “Actin’ Up,” “In His Arms,” “If I was a Cowboy,” and “Carousel.”

“Palomino” is going to be released on April 29th. 

Miranda Lambert Opens Up About the Start of Her Successful Music Career 

During a 2019 interview with NPR, Miranda Lambert reflected on the start of her music career and how her voice has changed throughout the years. “I was just such a young, immature voice. I didn’t really have a lot of power or finesse [and] I just kind of had tone.”

Miranda Lambert further spoke about how Tammy Wynette inspired her vocals. “You can actually hear the pain in her voice when she’s trying to get you to feel pain. And so I think that also helped me find my voice a little more.”

As she continued to discuss the beginning of her music career, Miranda Lambert admitted that getting gigs early on wasn’t easy for her. “The Texas scene wasn’t a place for girls at all back then. Bar owners would hang up on my mom and say, ‘We don’t book girls.’ So I would go to these places with my guitar and say, ‘can I play during set change’”

Miranda Lambert then said that Jack Ingram would be supportive of her performing during set changes. “He would be like, ‘Yeah, you can play a couple of songs while we’re changing.’ And people would be moving cords around my feet. It’s because Ic couldn’t get a gig. And then the bar owner would be like, ‘Well, she’s pretty good.’”

Meanwhile, Miranda Lambert shared details about the Pistol Annies. “It’s about three girls writing songs about real life. And not caring. We want to be as successful as we could. But we don’t make the art for that reason. It is a place where I can just take a breath and not have to worry.”

Miranda Lambert, Ashly Monroe, and Angaleena Presley make up the group.