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Miranda Lambert Tells Heartwarming Story About How She Rescued Her Dog

(Photo by Leah Puttkammer/Getty Images)

While some people are posting about their other half, others are showing appreciation for their friends and pets. Country singer Miranda Lambert is reminiscing on the time she rescued her dog. She shared the heartwarming story with her Instagram followers.

Earlier today, Lambert introduced her little dog, Delta Dawn to social media. Judging by the video, Delta looks healthy and happy in the presence of the country star. Let’s take a look at Lambert’s story below.

Miranda Lambert Tells the Story About Saving Her Dog

“This is my dog, Delta Dawn. She is almost 15-years-old,” Lambert said in the video. “I found her at Sonic when I lived in Oklahoma. I went to get a Cherry limeade and left with a chug and a cherry limeade.

Next, “The House That Built Me” singer explained how this is the perfect dog for her.

“We are the perfect match because she has been through a lot in her life,” she added. “And she is a road dog, kind of like her mom, she likes to travel and is down for anything. She has a great personality and she has my whole heart.”

In the caption of the post, Lambert tells her fans that the official mutt nation page wants to help them find their perfect dog in honor of Valentine’s Day.

“Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! @muttnation is celebrating today by helping you find your own mutt match! Go to quiz.muttnation.com to see which mutt is best for you.”

Shortly after, Mutt Nation added an opportunity to win tickets to The Bandwagon Tour after fans take the quiz.

“After the quiz, you’ll have an opportunity to win two tickets to see @mirandalambert and @littlebigtown on The Bandwagon Tour!”

Additionally, several fans love that Lambert took in a stray dog. For example, one user said, “Love Delta Dawn and the perfect match!!!! Somethings are just meant to be…Perfect!”

The Country Singer is Continuing The Band Wagon Tour

Miranda Lambert is continuing The Band Wagon tour with Little Big Town in May. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, she revealed what makes them great tourmates.

“It creatively works. The music is a good parallel,” Lambert said. “We’ve all had long careers and have stayed in this game and reinvented ourselves creatively over and over. Besides all the work stuff, it’s freakin’ fun. They’re great people and it really breaks it up. I’ve been playing music for a living on a stage since I was 17. After a while, you have to figure out what makes it fun for you and not just the same routine.”

The tour starts on May 6 and goes until June 11, 2022. You can purchase tickets here.