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Morgan Wallen Nashville Concerts: How Many Nights Is He Performing at Bridgestone Arena?

(Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images)

Morgan Wallen has quickly become one of country music’s biggest stars. Folks from all over the country are chomping at the bit to see Wallen perform in person. However, a lot of folks were able to see Wallen perform in Nashville at the home of the Predators on Wednesday evening at Bridgestone Arena.

For folks who are bummed they missed out on Wallen last night, worry not. Indeed, Morgan Wallen is performing at the arena in Nashville for concerts on Thursday and Friday night as well. Same venue, too. However, after Friday night’s show, Wallen will depart Tennessee and hit the road once again.

Importance of Nashville Concerts for Morgan Wallen

“I got a lot of people I care about here, a lot of people who believed in me for a long time are in the building tonight,” Wallen said, according to Fox 17. It was a special night for Morgan Wallen and all the Tennessee folks that he is so close to. He added, “This is really special to me.”

Morgan Wallen Helped Drive Country Music Consumption Growth Last Year

Morgan Wallen is a star in country music. Fans from all over know that to be true. However, is there a way to quantify just how important Wallen has been for the genre in recent months? Actually, there has.

Thanks to the success of the release of his latest album Dangerous: The Double Album, Wallen’s impact on the genre has been huge. MRC Data recently conducted a poll that revealed 68% of country music fans said that they listen to songs on AM/FM radio over streaming. So, the vast majority of country music fans still prefer to dial up the radio and listen to stars like Wallen.

MRC Music’s John Murphy said, “Traditionally, our answer to [why country music fans stream less than other genres] is because the demographic skews older, and they’re used to their tried-and-true things.”

However, with stars like Wallen and Taylor Swift, that might be changing. Streaming is becoming more and more common, especially with younger folks. He added, though, “That’s certainly evolving and is less and less of a crutch to lean on. [They] know they are going to have songs that they know and like played for them.” Part of it is that radio listeners have trust that the stations are going to play their favorite hits like Wallen and Swift.

He added, “The way to think about this is this is just a slice off the very tippy top.” There is a lot of information to sort through. It’s complicated. However, Wallen and Chris Stapleton’s impact on the genre is not.

Murphy concluded, “The combination of purchasing albums as well as listening to those albums on streaming services [applies]. If you only consider the Top 200 albums of the year, then country made up a bigger percentage of those top 200 albums than the rest. It speaks to the growing cross-genre appeal of country. People are shifting some of their listening into country releases. It may not be their No. 1 genre, but they’re paying attention.”

The dynamics are shifting as folks like Wallen and Stapleton continue to draw in a diverse audience that grows the genre.