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On This Day: George Strait Takes a Trip to ‘Honkytonkville,’ Releasing the Hit Album in 2003

(Photo by M. Caulfield/WireImage)

They don’t call George Strait the King of Country for no reason. The man knows how to produce a country music hit. With 60 number one songs under his belt, George Strait is a music legend. That said, not every single song he records can land a spot at the top of the charts. And that’s okay! That doesn’t mean the music isn’t great. Eighteen years ago George Strait released his 22nd studio album, Honkytonkville. And it was one of only a few of his albums that didn’t produce a number one hit song. Nevertheless, there are lots of catchy tunes on the record. So, to celebrate this anniversary we’re highlighting a few of our favorite songs from Honkytonkville.


Within the first few seconds of this song, you can imagine it playing at a Honky Tonk while happy couples two-step around the dance floor. “Honkytonkville” is about an imagined Honky Tonk city where broken-hearted people can find comfort. During the song, George Strait sings “To Honkytonkville, an ideal home away from home sweet home. Honkytonkville, where I don’t feel a thing since you’ve been gone. Where the future’s always bright in the glow of neon lights. Living high on Barstool Hill in Honkytonkville.”

George Strait’s “Honkytonkville”

‘Cowboys Like Us’

George Strait is a true cowboy. This is why this song is so beautiful. During the song, Strait sings about the simple things that fuel a cowboy’s soul. He sings, “We talk about living, babies and women. All that we’ve lost and all we’ve been giving. We sing about true love, lie about things we ain’t done. Drink one more cold one, come morning get up. And we roll. Cowboys like us sure do have fun.”

George Strait’s “Cowboys Like Us”

‘She Used To Say That To Me’

Who doesn’t love a good heartbreak song by George Strait? We certainly do. And “She Used to Say That to Me” is the perfect song for anyone going through a breakup – especially if your former partner is dating someone else. During the song Strait sings about all the loving things his partner used to say to him. But now, she’s saying them to another man. He sings, “‘I’m yours,’ she sighs. And she means it at the time. But someday she’ll go. If you’re wonderin’ how I know. She used to say that to me.”

George Strait’s ‘Four Down Twelve Across’

Strait doesn’t just sing heartbreak songs. When it comes to love songs, he’s well versed in all types of relationships. “Four Down Twelve Across” is about the confusions that can come with navigating a relationship. During the song Strait sings, “What’s four down and twelve across. Two-letter synonym for lost. That’s me. And a three-letter word that rhymes with through. Oh, I get it, that’s you.”