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Patsy Cline: 2 Years Before Her Death in 1963, Wrote Will on Airline Stationery

(Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Fans will always regard Patsy Cline as a legendary country music songstress who set the standard for all artists who came after her.

While fans can pinpoint her hauntingly beautiful voice, fans might not be aware that she also predicted her tragic fate that would forever change country music history.

Before her suspicion, she had made it through two near-death experiences. She survived rheumatic fever as a child, and she also survived a car crash that left her severely injured.

Cline was involved in another tragic event, though this one was much worse. However, Cline decided that there would be another accident, and this time she wouldn’t be so lucky.

One week before her death, Cline left the Opry and said something that Ray Walker would never forget: “Honey, I’ve had two bad ones. The third one will either be a charm or it’ll kill me.”

She always feared that her death would be nothing less than tragic long before she uttered the words.

One author uncovered the details of a will Cline penned in 1961, shortly after her son was born. She had a hunch to go ahead and document her last wishes, even though she wasn’t even 30 years-old-yet.

Patsy Cline Pens Last Wishes Ahead Of Tragic Death

It gets creepier: Cline decided to write her will on a Delta Airlines stationary while she was on a plane. She opened the will by writing that she wanted her mother to take care of her children.

“I…leave to Hilda Virginia Hensley my mother, my children Julia Simadore Dick and Allen Randolph Dick to be cared for, and raised by the best of her ability until they are eighteen years of age.”

She also declared that her mother would be the recipient of her royalties to use the money for the children. She didn’t stop there. Patsy Cline even went so far as to detail what she wanted to wear for her burial.

Not long after, 30-year-old Cline’s visions were confirmed when a plane crash left her unable to walk away just two years later.

The country music community lost a beloved icon when Cline passed away on March 5, 1963. Even though she died at such a young age, her memory and legacy will continue throughout the ages.