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Randy Travis Calls Charley Pride a Man That Changed His Soul

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Randy Travis remembers his good friend Charley Pride in a way that has impacted his life for the better. When Pride passed last year, Travis wrote a touching tribute to his late friend that gives a glimpse at their friendship.

Meeting Pride for Travis was like giving his soul a new song to sing.

“How often do you befriend a soul that changes yours? Charley Pride was that for me—a soft-spoken, gentle man who reminded this country boy, from Marshville, NC, that I could find a home, in Nashville, regardless of the path I had trod,” Travis writes in a Facebook post.

Not only did the country music legend make Travis feel like he could call Nashville home, but he acted as a “beam of light” for the path that the “Three Wooden Crosses” singer could use to guide him.

“Charley’s strength, courage, humility, and kindness were a beam of light for me as I changed lanes on life’s road. Every encounter with him left me a better person. His inability to see the flaws in others, choosing only to find their perfections, gave you a sense of ‘pride,’ you didn’t have only moments prior — God gave him the perfect name,” Travis continues in the post.

Charley Pride Offered Support to Randy Travis After Stroke

The legendary singer explains that Pride was there for him after he suffered his stroke in 2013.

“As years proved following my stroke, my need for encouragement, and a kind word grew more than ever—in steps Pride! They visited Mary and I, and we felt like royalty. They invited us to their home for their annual company Christmas party—themed and dreamed by Rozene. It became our favorite Christmas tradition… in January!”

Travis honors his late friend in the Facebook post by calling out his “eternal gift of music” that he shared with the world. And with a little faith and hard work, Pride became a positive influence for many.

“Our sadness will be diluted by the gift of time we had with him; and the eternal gift of music he gave the world. Charley came from nothing… except faith, hope, love, ability, perseverance, hard-work, and heart. Charley took nothing… he left it all behind for us. Thank you, Pride, for unknowingly teaching us, and intentionally loving us.”

Randy Travis remembers what it was like when the two used to take the stage together.

“It was an honor to share the circles with you… whether it was the Grand Ole Opry stage, the Hall of Fame Rotunda, or our circle of friends and musicians. You were home with the common man and comfortable with kings.”

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