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Rascal Flatts’ Gary LeVox Filled His Freezer After Taking Down Huge Buck in New Photos from Iowa Hunt

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/WireImage)

Rascal Flatts frontman Gary LeVox may be making singing his career; however, another one of his biggest passions lies somewhere else. And it’s not something he can get on stage.

A longtime avid hunter, Gary Levox is so dedicated to the sport that he even convinced his Rascal Flatts bandmates, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney, to schedule the band’s tour dates and other important events around his hunting seasons.

“We usually try to finish up right at the beginning of bow season or a week or two into October,” the Rascal Flatts lead singer once told Taste of Country of his tour schedule with the band. “We’ve been blessed enough to be able to adjust our schedule.”

Recently, LeVox joined hunting experts Mark and Terry Drury in Iowa where the country singer bagged some pretty awesome game. He brought home quite the haul!

Gary LeVox Bags A Big One In Iowa Hunt

“Three Hunters. One evening hunt. One state. Over 480 INCHES on the ground,” said the Drury Outdoors Twitter page last week.

“We cannot wait for you all to watch tonight’s episode,” the outdoors company continued. “It is the most magical night we’ve ever had on the Iowa farm.”

The Drury Outdoors Twitter page added a shout-out to the talented hunters: Terry and Taylor Drury; and of course the Rascal Flatts singer himself, Gary Levox.

“A deadly trifecta!!” the post read. “#thirteen”

Helping Hunters For Over Three Decades

The Drury brothers, Mark and Terry Drury started their unique hunting company in 1989. The duo started out wanting to share information about the hobby they loved so much. And, wanted to connect with other hunters who saw the hobby as something a little bigger; a passion, rather than a simple pastime.

If you are a hunter, especially a hunter who loves tracking down the best farm-country deer, and bucks with the best racks, then you have most certainly heard of the Drury brother’s company, Drury Outdoors.

While the Drury Outdoors channel is currently the most popular hunting channel throughout the midwest and the nation, the origin is one that highlights the passion Mark and Terry have for the sport.

The longtime hunters felt they had ideas and skills that other hunters may be interested in learning. So, the duo bought a simple VHS camera in the late 1980s and recorded their first video release.

Over the years, the brothers released multiple videos on a variety of hunting topics. Before long, they were filming regular episodes.

The Drury Outdoors channel was established in 1989. And, the partners have never looked back.

In fact, with three decades of teaching hunting techniques under their belt, the Drury brothers have truly become an icon in the hunting community.

And, this is more than likely the passion that drew Gary LeVox to the hunting experts.

“The outdoors and the hunting, that’s just who I am as a person,” Gary LeVox said of his favorite pastime. And, I’m sure the Drury’s would agree!